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Check Out These Two Innovative NFC Campaigns


When it comes to uses in marketing, near-field communication is still in its infancy. This is especially true if you compare it to QR codes.

So far, we have seen NFC being used in outdoor advertising. Bus shelters are being turned into virtual shops with NFC. Marketing posters are taking people to online resources, Web sites, videos and other types of content. In short, NFC is being used in the same way QR codes are.

In fact, it is best practice to use NFC along with QR codes. This is a good way to corner more of your target market. Those who do not like scanning QR codes will have the option to tap their NFC-enabled phones. Likewise, those who still do not have NFC on their smartphones will still be able to access your content with QR codes.

For today, we would like to highlight two notable companies that used NFC in a different way. These are Google and McDonald’s.

In July, Google came out with digital advertising that was powered with both NFC and QR codes. These advertising screens were placed at domestic airports at three key Australian cities: Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Passengers at these airports would be able to tap their smartphones against the digital advertising screens and control it. This interactive advertising campaign aims to sell more content to these passengers, such as music, mobile apps and books from Google Play.

If you think that’s amazing, McDonald’s in Singapore came out with an impressive NFC campaign. They put NFC chips underneath tables at one McDonald’s restaurant in Yishun, Singapore.

When you tap these tables with your NFC-enable smartphone, you can play a game an interactive game on these tables. For example, tapping on one Happy Table allows you to fight bad guys, build burgers and have a race. These interactive games are so much fun that we do not expect Singaporean kids to ever want to leave their tables or even want a play area with plastic balls anymore! McDonald’s say that they plan to do something similar at all their restaurants in the region, but nothing concrete has been announced yet.

These are just two of the more recent examples wherein a company makes use of near-field communication in a novel way. As more and more companies realize the value of NFC and how it could help make their marketing even more interactive, we expect to see many others come up with their own unique way to use NFC.

What about you? Have you heard about cool NFC marketing campaigns lately? Tell us about it in the comments!

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