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Chatham-Kent Crime Stoppers Goes Mobile


Technology can really be used to stop or start anything and the coordinator for The Crime Stoppers at Chatham-Kent has done just that – they have just given residents another way to get in touch with them and tip them off about crimes that they spot. Says Const. Doug Goldsmith, some do it for revenge while others do it because it is simply the right thing to do. Whatever their reason, with QR Codes, there is just another way to easily tip the Crime Stoppers off.

The Crime Stoppers’ vehicles now don a Quick Response (QR) Code on their sides and when mobile phone users scan the code with their phone’s camera and QR Code reader, it pulls up their website whereby users can then easily tip them off conveniently.

For some of you, you might be wondering the use of placing the QR Code on the sides of the vehicles…why scan the QR Code when the crime watchers are clearly right there for them to tip off, right? Well, for your information, the QR Codes, after being scanned, can be saved into the phone so that in the event something DID happen and the Crime Stopper’s vehicle is not right in front of them, users can still pull out the QR Code and send off the message.

The coordinator was quick to make clear that Crime Stoppers are not police officers, they are merely an avenue for people to conveniently tip them off so that appropriate action can be taken. They keep the police force at arm’s length, says Goldsmith.

What the Crime Stoppers do is to reward people for their tip if and when the police resolve the crime. The reward can be anything to the tune of a thousand dollars and the board of directors will be the ones who decide the amount of reward people get them Crime Stoppers act on the tip and police catches them.

Based on last year’s statistics, the program led to eighty two arrest and one hundred and ninety one charges and tippers were paid a total of three thousand five. Most of the time, the group get tips about drug-related offenses which is a good thing for a family-orientated city like Chatham-Kent.

Crime Stoppers have a high rate of solving drug related offenses because the next step up for drug offenses would be firearms. Therefore, with the new method of getting in touch with Crime Stoppers, the residents hope that it will see the crime rate nosedive in the near future.

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