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Chateau des Charmes First Winery in Canada To Adopt QR Code Labels


People who drink and appreciate wine are people who nitpick. If you’re a wine lover, you’d know too that when drinking wine, it isn’t always about the price, it’s about the taste. However, even with that said, most good wine comes with a big price tag – but that’s no excuse to gulp down a nasty-tasting glass with no attention paid to where the grapes came from or who made them. That’s why we contend that wine makers SHOULD follow the food steps of these (this) wine maker and start getting more interactive with their consumers. This can be done with QR Codes.

And Chateau des Charmes Wines happens to agree with us. It’s a fantastic winery located in St. David’s and it’s also one of the oldest wineries in Canada. As ancient as the company is, they’re not lagging behind in terms of keeping up with the times. We heard that they’re already rolling out plans to print QR Codes on their labels. When introduced, some of them may have wondered if the square boxes and dots would make any difference at all. But as soon as they found out that QR Codes can help consumers make better choices when shopping, it all seems very possible to change the way people bought wine.

The details given to the consumers would be, we assume, very detailed…going into the make, the grape and everything else in between. Something connoisseurs would appreciate. What we find interesting is that there are plans to give wine lovers suggestions as to what to drink the wine with.

So, if you’re staring at the bottle in an expensive restaurant, just scan the QR Code on the label, you’ll have a better idea what to order for your meal without having to rely on the help of the waiters. The mobile web page that the QR Code leads to will also inform you about what type of glass to use when drinking the bottle of wine. If you’re lucky, you’ll win a tour of the winery too.

Representatives of the winery asks consumers who chance upon the QR Code to think of it as a dynamic label. When accessed, the QR Code will lead you to an interactive mobile web page that can be accessed no matter where you are. It’s ‘internet’ except that it’s right there in your hand. Chateau des Charmes is the first winery to use this technology in the country. And of course, there’s no need to search for a link or Google it up since the QR Code is already right there.

The company can change the information as they see fit without the need to republish everything (as opposed to printing a brochure or leaflet that goes along with the bottle of wine). At the end of the day, the QR Code effort will spare the company the need to print and reprint information that changes.

Smart drinking, smart thinking.

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