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Have you ever walked into your local library only to find out, to your dismay, that you have ONCE AGAIN forgotten to bring your library card? Well, it happens to the best of us. If there is one thing that we almost never forget to bring out, apart from our wallet, is our cell phone.

Ask just about anyone you can around you right now if they can live without their cell phones and you will most probably get the answer ‘No’. You see, we live in the day and age whereby our cell phones act as more than just a means of communication. We don’t just call our boss, friends and family with our phone. We update social media sites and access the internet from it too. The role that our cell phones play in our everyday lives is undeniably important. Hence, does it makes sense if we say that it is about time we use it to change as an access card for libraries? If we can use it to board a flight, we can most certainly consider using it to access library books.

QR Codes that lead to electronic versions of the book. Some libraries have electronic versions of reference books on their shelves. This makes ‘returning’ the book a breeze and incredibly convenient for the management and user. The time frame given for access can be automatically revoked a.k.a ‘returned’ when the time is up. If someone walked past a book and sees a QR Code on the book, that person can automatically load up his or her cell phone and pull out the library card QR Code and get instant access to the electronic version of the book and read it at home without taking anything physical with him.

QR Codes to promote library books and events. Some libraries regularly organize events to help promote a healthy reading habit. If that is so, libraries should print out a QR Code on posters that updates those who wanted to be a part of the event via an online schedule, website or blog. With this, at the very least, if there was a change of time or venue, those who wished to be there will be duly informed.

PIN problem. One of the problems about using a QR Code to borrow library books is this – we can’t be certain of the identity of the person who was accessing the card. This can be easily solved by implementing a PIN, secret code or password system.

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