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The problem with consumers today is that they are logged onto the internet all the time….with multiple devices. They are on their computer but they have a laptop on the coffee table. They could also be working and then walk off for a break but logged onto via their smart phones. They could also be in bed on their tablet and then suddenly feel like checking their emails on their PCs. Everywhere they go, they are logged on. 

And for marketers, there is a problem. 

How so? Well, for example if one of your customers was browsing through your website and is interested in something that you have to offer but she needs to get something done quickly in the kitchen – to get her to stick with the purchasing process, you can do it with a QR Code. 

If you create a QR Code for each of your web pages, the potential customer can scan the code with her tablet or her smart phone and continue with the process while doing other things. In the world of marketing, we usually try to get consumers to checkout as soon as possible and that is because when you give consumers time to think their decision through, there is a chance that they might decide otherwise. 

A dress could become ‘unnecessary’ all of a sudden if you give consumers time to think. So, what you really need to do is to make purchasing and browsing and checking out as seamless and quick as possible. And since consumers these days are always on the move and are logged onto the internet much of the time, using a QR Code seems like the perfect solution.

And why not too since creating a QR Code is easy and free while tracking activities and reports is far more affordable than placing an advertisement in a magazine or placing a radio or TV ad. While there is no concrete way to ascertain the response from consumers when you place an ad on radio or television, a QR Code can be easily tracked…and accurately too. 

Ultimately, times have changed and we need to change along with consumers’ behavior. If a company or brand is to survive, it needs to move and adjust according to what our consumers’ behaviors are. And as it seems, consumers are online and mobile and that is how we need to be too. 

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