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Scanning QR Codes: Be Safe


QR codes have been grabbing the headlines recently because of users being redirected to a site that contains malware. Reports have called it “infected QR codes,” which is quite a misnomer because a QR code can never be manipulated to become “infected,” although the mobile site where it takes you could be. The sad thing […]

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Android Market Poised to Have 500,000 Apps by May 2012


Marketing your products, company and services via an app is a very effective way to give you top of mind recall among your customers and it also helps introduce you to new prospects and clients. However, it is becoming difficult to come up with an app that is unique and functional — two of the […]

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Three Mobile Sites to Learn From


With more and more people owning smartphones, it is almost imperative for businesses to have a mobile version of their site. Think that it’s not just for those using the same website they optimized for desktop users, but also for those who are accessing the page using their mobile devices.

So if you are trying to come up with a mobile design, why not whip out your smartphones and check out these sites. They might provide you with the right inspiration!

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: BeQRious Now Allows You to Choose a QR Code Generation Package That Fits Your Business!


BeQRious is proud to announce its new monthly packages that could help jumpstart your QR code marketing campaigns for as low as $20 per month!

Now you would only need to pay for the services that you actually use! Nothing more. That’s money saved for your other marketing initiatives, but you are still able to take advantage of our unique QR code generator and its premium features.

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Scan a QR Code and Learn a New Language!


We have all wished, at one point or another, that we could learn a new language. But we all know this is not something that’s easy to do. Many of us just don’t have the time to scout for schools and squeeze classes into our busy schedules.

Fortunately, though, there are many language schools that now offer online courses. Slovakian startup Lingibli is one of these groups that are picking up the online language school trend. However, Lingibli is doing it in a different way.

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Six Simple Tips on How to Make Your WordPress Site More Secure


WordPress makes your site updates a breeze without knowing a single line of code.  It also enables you to have multiple site authors and still have a secure site.  The problem is that a lot of site owners tend to take security for granted and leave their WP sites open to hacking attacks.  

Here are six of the most common things that most people overlook when it comes to securing their Wordpress sites.

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SEO Tips for New Business Website Owners


If you are planning a new website or hiring a professional Web designer to do it for you, you should keep in mind that your website would be worth nothing to you if people can’t find it.

Needless to say, you should have search engine optimization in mind, even at the design stages of your site.  Here are five things that you should remember if you are designing a new website that is easy to optimize for search engines.

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Additional Tips to Making an Effective Call to Action Button


BeQRious has already discussed the importance of call to action pages and how to create an effective one to help convert your visitors into customers, subscribers and users. More than this, we have also given you tips on how to come up with effective call to action buttons.



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Top 4 Tips for a Great Call to Action Page


While a lot of website designers and business owners put a premium on hits and visits, there comes a point when having a lot of visitors is no longer enough.   Great and effective websites convert.  That is the number one rule nowadays.

This is where call-to-action pages come in.  Call-to-action pages are where you convert site visitors into customers, subscribers or leads.   It is also where you ask your visitors to become your marketers by sharing your site, blog posts or pages.

But how can you have a great call to action page? Here are four things to remember:

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