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What Do Your Consumers Want


It was reported in a study done by a local New York consultancy firm here that QR Codes were simply not delivering and it was not fulfilling its promises and potential when pitched against other conventional media. In as much as we would like to agree with the report, we humbly opine that that the […]

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Top QR Code Campaigns for the Second Quarter of 2012 – Part 2


One of the biggest lessons in marketing is to learn from your mistakes so that you could make your next campaigns better. But do you know that you do not necessarily have to make all these mistakes yourself? You can certainly learn from other companies on how to run a successful QR code campaign. Yesterday, […]

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Top QR Code Campaigns for the Second Quarter of 2012 – Part 1


If you are planning a marketing campaign that involves QR codes, it might help you to look at previous campaigns that have succeeded with their goals. Not only will this give you an idea of what would work, it will allow you to plan and know what to expect with your own campaigns. Here are […]

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So, What’s Up With Your Android Web Browser


For Android phone and mobile device users, finding and using the right browser makes all the difference in the world especially if you like browsing on your tab and want to coordinate the history, links and favorites on your personal computer or laptop. Web browsers now makes it easy for you to ‘favorite’ a link […]

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Impress The Socks Off Of Your Future Employer With A QR Code


When was the last time you fiddled around with your resume? Don’t think you need to add anything of value to it? Think again. Employers are beginning to shed light on how they view resumes and in recent reports, employers highlighted the fact that they really DO look for something different and creative when going […]

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Tips on How To Take More Awesome Pictures of Fireworks


With 4th of July behind us, we are sure most of you must have a memory load of pictures of the fireworks that went on all over the country. Apart from Disneyland’s daily jaw-dropping fireworks display, I dare say that only the 4th of July fireworks can rival the awesomeness of Disney’s fireworks. Unsurprisingly, many […]

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The Secret To Building Successful, Long-lasting Businesses

modern building

To commemorate the approaching weekend (yes, we get tired too over here at BeQRious), I would like to share something that I have just read in a blog post about how to integrate business and ideas that seemingly seem to pop out of nowhere, inside your head, during the most inappropriate and inconvenient moments. The […]

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Online Self Defense


While there is no such thing as a perfectly safe world, in real life or on the internet, there are things that you can do to ensure that you have less to worry about every time you use the internet. In the modern world that we live in today, using the internet for our personal […]

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Ad-driven Apps Killing Smartphone Battery Life


This is a common problem with not just Android smartphone and device users…ad-driven apps are probably eating the life out of the battery and that is why we are facing drained-batteries by the time lunch rolls around. People are reduced to carrying their phone chargers to work everyday and plugging it in in the middle […]

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Mobile On The Move – Android For Travelers


Having a mobile app on your phone or tablet when traveling can not only make life a little bit more convenient, it can literally save you from loads of trouble. Take it from someone who travels a fair bit…at least a couple of times a year and to far off places where people speak a […]

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