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Tough Competition For Online Business


The fight is on – as far as online businesses is concerned. Let’s just say that ever since the rise of internet and mobile phone usage, businesses have been put on the edge of their seats trying to outsmart each other. This can only mean good things for the consumers and have put consumers in […]

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Twitter Apps For Android Devices


Most of us use Twitter for both personal and professional reasons. Obviously, for businesses, we are using it to connect to our customers via the internet and also to hopefully bring in more business and find new customers, partners and affiliates to work with. For those of us who are using Twitter for personal reasons, […]

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Get On The Peace Path With These Apps


Most people we know work with their phones. You either schedule your stuff, organize your checklist, plan ahead of time, assign work to your colleagues or subordinates, update your boss, stay in touch with your client or simply use Dropbox to keep your files together. Better yet, you probably ‘hand out’ your business cards via […]

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Simple Reminders About What Makes A Good QR Code Campaign


We have, in the past, written a lot about what you should do with your QR Code marketing strategy and have also touched a little bit on what you shouldn’t do but let me reiterate a little about what you SHOULDN’T do because we have been seeing nothing but exceptional QR Code campaigns going about […]

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A Giant Fight For The Apple Pie In The Smartphone Battlefield


Even though it was reported that Google shares fell a little in the past couple of days, it seems that the internet giant is raring to go on the mobile from. While many people have written off Microsoft in the past after seeing how Samsung led the pact in its aggressive wrestle for power in […]

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A Safer Dropbox In BETA Mode


You know what a modern fear is? A modern fear is the fear of having someone hack into your account (ANY online account) and have other people tamper with it because much of everything that you do, say, find and save are online. All your personal and work files are all probably online on Google […]

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QR Codes In Emails A Brand New Way Of Engaging Consumers


It is a given that email marketing, i.e. newsletters via emails, remains relevant in the world of online advertising and marketing today despite the fact that all other advertising mediums are facing a threat from mobile marketing. People are increasingly impatient and demanding and would veer towards faster information and more convenient access. For example, […]

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Two Ways to Use QR Codes with Coupons


Marketing professionals have always been using a mix of different methods to help them promote and sell their products. QR codes have been one of those tools that are being increasingly used by marketers. If you are looking to use coupons with QR codes, here are two ways to do just that: 1. Coupons and […]

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Augmented Reality and QR Codes: Combining the Best of Both Worlds


QR codes is without doubt one of the best way to extend and supplement your marketing materials. From inanimate and very limited posters, a QR code can make it interactive and could take potential customers to your website in a flash. Augmented reality, on the other hand, is slowly making its mark to those who […]

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Are Business Cards Still Relevant In The Business World?

business card

Are business cards relevant anymore considering the fact that people are already scanning codes whenever they need to get someone’s contact on their phones? Do people still hand out business cards now that everything, quite literally, is on Google? Of course, there ARE some conventional businesses that cannot do without a business card, for example […]

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