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Insights from Adobe


There is good news for advertisers who love using QR codes in their marketing. An Adobe mobile consumer survey shows that more people are scanning QR codes now. In its 2013 Mobile Consumer Survey, Adobe reported that around one in every three mobile consumer have scanned QR codes in the three months immediately before the […]

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Going Viral With Pinterest


Everyone’s at it…using Youtube to make their videos viral, pumping up their Facebook accounts by sharing and tagging pictures, videos and online content, and also not forgetting sending information out on Twitter as a form of branding exercise. But the sad thing is that no one has really said anything useful or substantial about using […]

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Hashing Out Facebook’s Hashtag Use


Twitter users weren’t really surprised when Facebook announced the use and availability of the #hashtag feature….we have been quite used to the idea, really but what got us thinking was, perhaps, WHY were they introducing it. My guess is that they are going to use it to track ideas, news, and trending topics just like […]

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Embarking on a Mobile Marketing Campaign? Optimizing Your Site is not Enough!


We know what the studies and surveys say. Mobile marketing is the trend these days, with more and more people using their smartphones and other mobile devices to do a growing list of tasks. Plus, more and more consumers are basing their purchasing decisions over how brands carry out their mobile marketing and advertising campaigns. […]

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Tip: When Internet Is At Sloth-Speed


We have all dealt with this before, at one time or another….slow internet access. It drives us nuts especially when we are in the middle of something TRULY, TRULY, TRULY important…like preparing an online report or pitching a business deal to an investor or just convincing your boss that raising your salary is a justified […]

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Unsurprising News About Teens Watching More Videos Online Than Ever Before


When I read a piece of news ‘revealing’ the fact that there are more 12 to 17 year old kids watching videos online than ever before, on their mobile phones, with their headsets on, the inward clucking I mentally did probably resonated through the walls. Yes, being a parent of teenagers makes me far too […]

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Tip: Time Management and Scheduling Tasks


The sad truth is that most of us are working at top speed, almost the whole day through, without breaks and worse still, we are multi-tasking with different devices and on the move. Is there any wonder why we are seeing a drop in the quality of work done? Yes, things might speed up and […]

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Reasons To Customize Your QR Codes


Some might question the reason why we would want to customize their QR Codes because they do not see the reason why we should waste time, money and resources. This, to newbies, is a very common thing. It is a QR Code, it is supposed to be this way, or they might even think that […]

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Defending Your Battery Life


It doesn’t matter whether you are using the latest Android phone or the most amazing Apple phone or tablet currently available in the world today, the same problem for all smartphones and devices is….battery life. As long as we have apps and data loading up in the background, they will suck the life out of […]

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May The Best Pinner Win


When Pinterest first entered the market, some of you must have thought about it as a fun way of sharing photos with friends, a lot like Instagram. In a lot of ways, it is and will continue to be for many mobile and tab users out there. What is Pinterest without the jokes, memes, inspiring […]

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