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Avoid These Mobile Wallet Mistakes!


Mobile wallets are really gaining traction with more and more users over the past few years. And why not as more and more providers are giving more options for people who want to use mobile wallets. Then there is also the support of big companies, from Google and Apple, to telecommunication firms, and right to […]

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App Differences on Different Operating Systems


For quite some time, Instagram was exclusive to iOS. Then it jumped to Android devices. In November 2013, Instagram launched its app on Windows Phone. And there are quite a few glaring differences. For one, the navigation buttons are all mixed up. Instagram on iOS and Android have the feed, explore, camera, notifications and profile […]

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Pizza Hut Gets Sales from Mobile Campaigns


Pizza Hut knows the value of mobile marketing for their products. The chain reports that around 30% of their carryout and deliveries comes from digital ordering. And mobile devices have been helping, the company reports that compared to data in 2010, mobile devices helped them get 4,000% more digital orders! Caroline Masullo, the company’s director […]

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QR Codes for Prescription Meds


The use of QR codes have now spread well beyond its use in marketing and education. It is seen around the home as well. Prescription medication can be made safer with QR codes. You can put a QR code on your prescription medication and medicines so that people in your household could easily know the […]

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The Best Apps for Your Android Tablet


Got a new Android tablet? Congratulations! There are just a lot of things that you could do with your Android device. You will soon find out that you can have a great time exploring the features of your tablet. If you want to know what mobile apps you should download then read on! Paper Artist […]

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Best Practice: Educate Your Customers in Using Near-Field Communication


Even though Apple has yet again snubbed near-field communication technology on its iPhone, you still have a couple of devices to work with making NFC marketing a viable option. If you are planning an NFC marketing campaign, do not make the mistake that other marketers have committed: educate your customers about NFC. For some marketers, […]

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QR Codes and SEO


As with any site owner, you should be very interested as to whether QR codes help your search rankings or not. Therefore, we decided to look at whether QR codes help your SEO. Or does a QR code hurt your search rankings? We ask this question because we have recently come across an idea: Are […]

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Check Out These Two Innovative NFC Campaigns


When it comes to uses in marketing, near-field communication is still in its infancy. This is especially true if you compare it to QR codes. So far, we have seen NFC being used in outdoor advertising. Bus shelters are being turned into virtual shops with NFC. Marketing posters are taking people to online resources, Web […]

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Making It Easier to Succeed with QR Code Marketing


QR codes should come with a disclaimer. It would seem that a lot of marketers and business owners think all they have to do is to put a QR code on their marketing materials, storefront and any surface and people would just magically scan it and buy more products from them. The sad truth is […]

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Mobile Is Rising: How Can You Take Advantage of This Trend?


It is said that more people are more concerned about leaving their mobile phones at home than their wallets. According to a recent Morgan Stanley study, 9 out of 10 Americans now have a mobile device that they can use at all times of the day, all days of the week. As a small business, […]

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