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Time Traveling with QR Codes: QR Codes Are Used to Show People the History of K Street


Have you ever walked down a particular street or roamed a city and wondered how it used to look 10, 20 or 50 years ago? Sometimes, the places you frequent will surprise you. With a little bit of history, you will see familiar buildings and stores in a completely new light. In Sacramento, a self-guided […]

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QR Codes on Daimler Cars Could Save Lives


Sometimes, it is not the fault of medical personnels when patients do not receive immediate proper care during emergency situations like traffic accidents. Admittedly, instances of road fatalities is high everywhere in the world but it was during a recent study that it was revealed that one of the main reasons why some casualties receive […]

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Creekside Festival Uses QR Codes to Go Mobile


For 15 years now, Gahanna in Ohio has been celebrating the Creekside Blue & Jazz Festival. The festival is a three-day cultural celebration that features world-class music artists, regional artisans, mouth-watering cuisine, activities for kids of all ages, and amusement rides. However this years’ event, which took place June 14 to 16, was made extra […]

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Speetra Launches Voice-Enabled App PulseM, Uses QR Codes


Speetra just recently introduced its new product called pulseM, which is a voice-centric QR code-based application that can be used for gathering employee and customer feedback. PulseM enables mobile phone users to scan specially designed quick response codes that allow them to speak out their comments or feedback. This app rids employees or consumers the […]

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QR Codes on Amazon and Graffiti Codes


Now Available on AWS: QR Codes Management Made Easy If you are a user of Amazon Web Services then you will love the APIs that are available there. If you have always wanted to use QR codes with your site, there is an API we would recommend for that. The AWS allows you to use […]

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Ruben Ubeira Brings Artwork To Life With QR Codes


‘I love art. The medium does not matter. I paint what I see, what surrounds me, the everyday and mundane captured in time’, so says Ruben Ubeira who is a well-known and much-loved street artists in Florida. Ubeira, born in Santo Domingo in Dominican Republic in 1975, is a neo figurative artist who draws, paints […]

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QR Codes Take Off in India with Yebhi Virtual Stores


It seems that Japan and Korea are not the only countries in Asia where QR code technology has taken off. India has also welcomed these two-dimensional matrix barcodes with open arms. Most recently,, which is an online lifestyle and fashion portal based in India, has launched virtual stores across 30 outlets of Cafe Coffee […]

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Bute Park Shares Rich History with QR Code


Bute Park in the city of Cardiff in UK was landscaped 140 years ago for the third Marquess of Bute. And because it is more than a century old, it has a very rich and interesting history. This history is something that the city wants to share with residents and tourists alike. And what better […]

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QR Code Made Out Of Lego Sets


Lego simply does not get old. Wherever there is Legos around, creativity and curiosity seems to make itself at home too. Just ask Luke Magette’s parents. Luke Magette may be only ten years old at the time of writing this post, but when it comes to creativity, this young mind is simply curious about the […]

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QR Code Scanning in China Increases


All of us already know that quick response codes are popular and widely used in Japan, where the codes originated, as well as in the very technologically advanced South Korea. But do you know that these two-dimensional matrix barcodes are also gaining ground in China? In a country where strict and stringent rules are imposed […]

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