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QR Codes and Alcoholic Drinks Do Mix!


Have you have ever wanted to make your own beer or wondered what your favorite drink is made of? If you are in Colorado, you might want to head to Eagle and scan the QR codes found on their craft beers. Bonfire Brewing is using QR codes on the labels of their craft beers to […]

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XBox Inclusion of QR Code For Redemption of Purchases


Xbox One remains to be one of the few leading video game console game there is in the market today despite fierce competition from the likes of Nintendo and Sony. In fact, we have a feeling that Microsoft is going all the way in order to up the ante on its competitors. XBox One is […]

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Woolworths Lets Customers “Meet the Growers” Via QR Codes


Woolworths has rolled out a QR code-based campaign that allows customers to get to know the local growers who supply Woolworths with its fresh produce. Woolworths is an Australia-based provider of fresh fruits, vegetables and meat. It boasts of having great partnerships with local growers and farmers. Now, it wants to share some of its […]

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QR Codes Popping Up At Rotary Botanical Garden in Janesville


The Janesville Rotary Botanical Gardens is a true hidden gem of the country and it has always been known for a couple of things including being a perfect backdrop for wedding photos, a site for photography enthusiasts who have a special liking for rare plants and gorgeous blooms, their awesome French and Scottish and Japanese […]

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DGVN Uses QR Codes for Love Padlocks Campaign Helping Women in Forced Marriages


Cheil Germany has created a very unique QR code campaign for DGVN or the United Nations Association of Germany, which launched an initiative against forced marriages. This QR code campaign involves thousands of love padlocks on a fence by the Hohenzollern Bridge in Cologne. What Are Love Padlocks For those who are not familiar with […]

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Most Common QR Code Marketing Mistakes


QR code marketing can be very effective when successful. However, when done wrong, it can be very disastrous, too. QR code marketers who do not do their QR code marketing strategies correctly may end up just wasting time, effort and money. So what are the mistakes that marketers should avoid? 1. Not providing an alternative. […]

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eRx QR Code App Allows Consumers to Pre-Order Medicines


You can now pre-order medicines from your regular pharmacy through the eRx QR code scanning application. This new smartphone app from eRx Script Exchange will be launched in October. eRx’s new QR Code app will allow consumers to order their medicines ahead of time from their pharmacy of choice by simply scanning the given quick […]

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QR Codes Play Vinyl Records


Talk about creatively using QR codes! QR codes are just about everywhere. But how about using QR codes to actually set yourself apart from the rest? This is what Boris Dlugosch, a music producer in Germany, did. Dlugosch wanted to promote his own brand of house music to different advertisers and set to work with […]

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P&G and Wal-Mart Canada Turn Ads into Stores with QR Codes


If you are planning to use QR codes for your marketing but you are at a loss at what to do, then maybe you could get some pointers from Procter and Gamble and Wal-Mart Canada. The two giants are partnering to set up 50 mobile stores at various bus shelters in Toronto. They are using […]

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QR Code A Must For Mobile Commerce


It is a given fact that more and more businesses are hopping onto mobile ecommerce. We are seeing a drastic rise in people using their mobile phones to pay for things that they want to buy online, instead of the usual online purchase made on a personal computer or a laptop. Coupons, discount cards, loyalty […]

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