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QR Code, Datamatrix and other two dimensional barcode news and analysis.

Lookout Mobile Says that QR Codes Makes Google Glasses a Security Fail


Google Glass is the latest from the search giant. It is a wearable device that allows you to do everything you can do with a smartphone without having to use your hands. One of the features of Google Glass is that you can ask it to take a picture of anything and even scan a […]

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Image Recognition: Why It Will Never Beat QR Codes


QR codes have been pitted against every mobile technology that comes out. Snap Tags, Microsoft Tags, augmented reality, near-field communication, and just about any other kind of barcode there is. However, QR codes have proven that they are here to stay. Maybe it is because it is free to use and generate. Not to mention […]

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Nothing Fishy About The Fish


While the world continues to be rocked by news that Google Glass owners’ devices could be hacked with a malicious QR Code, there continues to be great news rolling around on Twitter and Facebook about how many others are putting the QR Code technology to extremely good use. With so many people trying out Google […]

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How QR Codes Are Helping Mobile Apps


QR codes are primarily a mobile technology. Therefore, it should not come as a shock that QR codes are now increasingly being used in a lot of mobile apps. One of the areas that QR codes are being used in mobile applications is social discovery. What is social discovery? Social discovery is when a mobile […]

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The Case for Custom QR Codes


QR codes could easily make your marketing materials work harder. This is true for marketing posters and in-store sign, as well as other marketing campaigns. This is because QR codes can help you engage your customers. However, it seems that in a world where just about every marketing flyer you see has a QR code, […]

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QR Codes To Phase Out Or Here To Stay


Some skeptics may have quite a bit of terrible things to say about QR Codes and while there may be some truth is in some of the stuff written online, there are, in my personal opinion, far more good things hidden in these black and white unassuming geek codes. A lot of things that we […]

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QR Codes Now under Bottle Caps


When it comes to marketing, nothing beats QR codes. It is small and it can be customized to fit your branding and the design of your product packaging. In fact, QR codes have been showing up on product packaging for a number of years now. A lot of the world’s biggest brands have used QR […]

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Along with smartphones, in comes smartdiapers?


For countless years, baby diaper manufacturers have been trying to make new improvements to their products. There are easily removable ones, and then there are ones that does not even need to be strapped on only to be worn like normal, ordinary pants. But manufacturers of these baby diapers are strapped on for an even […]

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Danone Creates 1,400 QR Codes per Minute


French food company Danone, also one of the largest food conglomerates in the world, sells yoghurt in Spain. Danone has a loyalty program open to their customers in Spain and they want to make it easier! Instead of having to have the customer input, everything to have their purchase recorded, all they have to do […]

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Watch The Fireworks Before Purchasing It


Many companies have already caught on with QR Codes in terms of using the technology to show customers how to use their products after they have purchased the item. Case in point would be DIY products that customers need video demos and instructions in order to assemble complicated products. Sometimes, non-hands-on people need more than […]

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