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QR Code, Datamatrix and other two dimensional barcode news and analysis.

Making It Easier to Succeed with QR Code Marketing


QR codes should come with a disclaimer. It would seem that a lot of marketers and business owners think all they have to do is to put a QR code on their marketing materials, storefront and any surface and people would just magically scan it and buy more products from them. The sad truth is […]

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Mobile Is Rising: How Can You Take Advantage of This Trend?


It is said that more people are more concerned about leaving their mobile phones at home than their wallets. According to a recent Morgan Stanley study, 9 out of 10 Americans now have a mobile device that they can use at all times of the day, all days of the week. As a small business, […]

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Use QR Codes to Help Sellers, Not Just Customers


If you have a consumer product and you rely on retailers, stores, groceries and other retail outlets to sell them for you, then you should always use a QR code to help them along. For example, you could put a QR code on your products that would link sellers and customers to that particular product’s […]

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QR Codes: Helping Holiday Sales


It is not a secret that the holidays are a great time for businesses. People are buying and they are buying en masse. It is said that it is possible to double your sales during the holidays. That is not an exaggeration, as many people are looking for gifts for their family, friends and loved […]

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Maury County Fair Rejuvenates Itself with QR Codes


In Tennessee, Maury County Fair is relying on QR codes to help drum up interest in the event. The county fair has been around for more than six decades, and the organizers are out to make their exhibits a bit more interesting. Last year, they successfully put up livestock shows and musical exhibits to introduce […]

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Ohio Police Department Uses QR Codes


If you think that QR codes are only for marketers, advertisers and educators, then you better think again. It seems that everyone has a perfect use for QR codes in their lives, and that included the government and public offices. A police department in Ohio is adapting QR codes to help citizens get traffic crash […]

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Insights from Adobe


There is good news for advertisers who love using QR codes in their marketing. An Adobe mobile consumer survey shows that more people are scanning QR codes now. In its 2013 Mobile Consumer Survey, Adobe reported that around one in every three mobile consumer have scanned QR codes in the three months immediately before the […]

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QR Codes on Product Packaging


Farmers on Film promotes the use of QR codes on cheese product packaging. Farmers on Film sponsored a competition at the International Nantwich Cheese Show that searched for the best use of QR codes in disseminating how farmers work and how they contribute to society. The main goal is for consumers to scan the QR […]

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That QR Code Could Become Your ATM


You know how ATMs could be vulnerable to theft. In fact, consumers have been warned to carefully check if the ATM they are going to use is outfitted with a device that allows criminals to record their PINs while also copying information from their ATM’s magnetic strip. Using the information you give them, the criminals […]

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Red Bull Uses QR Codes Once Again


Red Bull once came under fire for their use of QR codes that they placed in the subway. Mashable wrote that the idea sucked because the subway did not have Internet connection to make the scan successful. This is probably a disservice because BeQRious found out that the QR codes were placed in areas that […]

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