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QR Code, Datamatrix and other two dimensional barcode news and analysis.

Sexy QR Codes


QR codes have long been criticized as being ugly and boring. But we are here to tell you that QR codes can be very sexy. Just take a look at our list of sexy QR codes: 1. Condoms that tell your friends where you are having sex. Planned Parenthood used QR codes that they placed […]

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QR Codes and Other Easy Mobile Marketing for Your Small Business


Small business owners know that they need all the marketing that they can get. It brings in sales, allow people to know about them and even introduce these businesses to new customers. A relatively exciting field right now is mobile marketing, which is both very affordable and very effective right now. QR codes top the […]

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QR Code News from around the World


Guests at the Royal Cliff Hotels will soon be able to check-in without having to go through a lot of hassles. The hotel chain is set to introduce a QR Code Express Check-in System for their guests in Thailand. Starting October 1, 2013, guests can avoid waiting in line and just scan a code that […]

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New South Wales Looking to QR Codes to Help Process Fines


QR codes may have so far proven its worth when it comes to marketing, but in Australia, it may prove to be a good tool to help process fines. New South Wales’ State Debt Recovery Office is currently looking at QR codes to help it collect fines. At the moment, the SDRO sends out notices […]

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QR Codes and SEO


As with any site owner, you should be very interested as to whether QR codes help your search rankings or not. Therefore, we decided to look at whether QR codes help your SEO. Or does a QR code hurt your search rankings? We ask this question because we have recently come across an idea: Are […]

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Wholesum Harvest Uses Customized QR Codes


Everyone of us wants to make healthy food decisions. This is especially true now that we are more aware what unhealthy food can do to our bodies. We have seen a lot of food companies that are using QR codes to help their consumers get more information to make informed decisions about the food that […]

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Media Markt Uses QR Codes and NFC for Shopping Wall


Media Markt, an electronics seller in Russia, is currently trying out virtual stores that they have put up at a subway station in Moscow. The test run will continue until November. The shopping walls would be using both NFC and QR codes. Moscow Metro’s Vystavochnaya station will have posters that look like shelves found at […]

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QR Codes Share Interesting information about Nobel Prize in Chemistry Winners


Question. Who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1944? The answer. We do not know either, so why don’t we scan a QR code to find out? Vasco D.B. Bonifacio, a faculty at the chemistry department at Universidade Nova de Lisboa, is using QR codes to make chemistry and the Nobel Prize more fun […]

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History Markers Come Alive with QR Codes


Tourists in Fort Wayne, Indiana, are told to do a walking tour called the Central Downtown Heritage Trail. The Trail takes tourists to various historical points in the area, which include 19 historical sites. These sites all have markers to commemorate an event or historical figure that helped shaped Fort Wayne. The trail was first […]

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Check Out These Two Innovative NFC Campaigns


When it comes to uses in marketing, near-field communication is still in its infancy. This is especially true if you compare it to QR codes. So far, we have seen NFC being used in outdoor advertising. Bus shelters are being turned into virtual shops with NFC. Marketing posters are taking people to online resources, Web […]

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