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QR Code, Datamatrix and other two dimensional barcode news and analysis.

QR Codes in the Boardroom


QR codes have been used in the classroom to make it easier for students to access multimedia content to supplement the lessons they have in class. In some schools, books and handouts often have QR codes on them to help make learning interactive and fun. Some companies are also using QR codes. And no, it […]

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Louis Vuitton Turns to Image Recognition: Should You Follow Suit?


A lot of advertisers are now looking at image recognition in lieu of QR codes. While image recognition does have its limitations, it is a good replacement for QR codes in some cases. For example, for those advertisers who spend a lot of money on their brand, they can finally get their logos to work […]

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Australia Post Lets You Send Videos via QR Codes on Parcels


You may have heard about some retailers in the United States putting QR codes on gift tags. Somebody sending their friends, loved ones or colleagues a gift can easily scan these QR codes. They will be able to record an audio message for the recipient. Once the recipient gets your gift, they can scan the […]

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QR Codes for Prescription Meds


The use of QR codes have now spread well beyond its use in marketing and education. It is seen around the home as well. Prescription medication can be made safer with QR codes. You can put a QR code on your prescription medication and medicines so that people in your household could easily know the […]

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“We Have a Patent for QR Codes, and We Are Suing You”


We all know that QR codes are free to use, right? So why are there groups out there claiming to own the patent for QR codes and that in using them, you are violating their patent? No, we are not kidding. There are actually groups or individuals who apply for patents for QR codes as […]

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QR Codes Show up on Medical Bracelets Anew


QR codes are the perfect way to store medical information for somebody who is living with certain conditions. For one, it is very small making it very inconspicuous. For another, it can give an emergency rescue worker or a doctor all the information they need to know what medications to give you should something happens […]

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Southern Minnesota School Uses iPads, QR Codes for Learning


QR codes have proven to be very useful in marketing, health care and yes education. We have reported about a lot of schools and their use of QR codes. QR codes have been found of periodic tables, books, libraries, museum pieces and other places. It has also been used for seminars, handouts and other learning […]

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BlackBerry Messenger Now on Android and iOS


Scanning through your Facebook newsfeed or Twitter stream, you might be noticing a lot of people sharing QR codes on their status. These are actually BlackBerry Messenger or BBM invites. QR codes are making it easier for people to add friends to their BBM contact list. Instead of inputting an alphanumeric PIN and double checking […]

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Will Aestheticodes Beat QR Codes?


Welcome to the age of the Internet of Things where everyday objects can communicate with each other and with humans. QR codes are part of the many technologies that make up the Internet of Things. And there have been a couple of technologies that come out that wants to be the next QR code. For […]

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QR Codes Might Spell the End of Passwords


When you log into your e-mail account, Facebook account and other online properties, you are bound to use a user name and password. This helps the service or the Web site know for sure that you are who you say you are. However, while it works to authenticate you, it might not be foolproof. A […]

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