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QR Code, Datamatrix and other two dimensional barcode news and analysis.

Martell Noblige Cognac Shows Marketers How It Is Done


Talk about marketing and you will get differing opinions on what works and what is effective. We have seen a lot of success stories as far as marketing is concerned, and this one is no exception. Martell Noblige Cognac brought together different types of marketing to come up with its latest campaign. The theme for […]

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QR Codes Help You Dispose of Garbage Properly


When it comes to the environment, we all have to pitch in. While it is best to minimize the amount of waste we produce, there is still garbage that we have to take care of. One of the best ways to dispose garbage is to segregate it. You can always sell recyclable materials such as […]

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Keep Me Safe: QR Codes for Protecting Children with Autism


Parents of kids with autism have many fears. One of them is losing their kids as they wander off to some place they are not familiar with. QR codes have been helping parents with autistic kids. It is a fact that most kids with autism will wander and get lost with their parents. It happened […]

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QR Codes Trace the Origins of the Fish You Eat


QR codes in restaurants are certainly nothing new. We have seen QR codes on business licenses and sanitation permits for the restaurant to be able to operate. You see them on menus either telling customers how their food was prepared, offering specials of the day and even a video of the chef cooking the dish […]

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In Arkansas, QR Codes Give Baseball Fans a Richer History Lesson


Hot Springs in Arkansas is bringing together history and sports in its latest tourism initiatives. Hot Springs has 26 sites that make up its famed Baseball Trail. These sites are marked by a special marker that commemorates why a certain place is special to the town and baseball. For example, one of the sites talk […]

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QR Codes and Bitcoins


If for anything, Bitcoin is an interesting piece of currency. The virtual currency is now increasingly being used in real life. Some employees now accept Bitcoins as salary. Online shops and even brick and mortar retailers also see Bitcoins as legal tender that you can pay with. There are groups of ardent Bitcoin supporters as […]

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QR Codes Used in Ottawa’s Transit System


In Ottawa, Canada, passengers are now seeing QR codes on their tickets. The QR codes are printed on every transfer so that passengers can just scan the QR codes themselves when they board the bus rather than show it to the driver. This would certainly help in making boarding faster and gives the driver less […]

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Recommended Android Apps for This Week


Mobile apps make your smartphone work harder. If you cannot find a feature or functionality on your smartphone, you can search for an app that does what you want and that’s about it. No matter how good your operating system is, you will never be on top of the smartphone game without a good set […]

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Avoid These Mobile Wallet Mistakes!


Mobile wallets are really gaining traction with more and more users over the past few years. And why not as more and more providers are giving more options for people who want to use mobile wallets. Then there is also the support of big companies, from Google and Apple, to telecommunication firms, and right to […]

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Ignore QR Codes at Your Own Risk


No matter what cynics say, QR codes are very much alive and well. This is the reason why you should ignore QR codes, you are bound to lose out. How are you losing out? 1. Your customers are ready for them. Unlike near-field communication, image recognition, tags and other 2D barcodes, as well as other […]

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