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Goodbye Google Wallet?


We are excited to hear that ISIS will be available in the United States. ISIS is a mobile payment system that uses near-field communication and is backed by T-Mobile, Mobility, Verizon Wireless and AT&T. ISIS has been on test run in two markets, Austin and Salt Lake City since August 2012. Now it is ready […]

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NFC Payments and Other Mobile Payments to Bring in $1 Billion in 2013


Even as near-field communication continues to struggle as far as adoption is concerned, more and more people are using their smartphones to pay for their purchases. NFC has been coming out in an increasing number of devices during the past year, but there are still snags in the way. For one, there are just too […]

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One in Three Handsets to Have NFC Capability by 2017, Berg Insight Says


According to a new study by Berg Insight, the installed base of NFC-capable mobile phones will grow at a compound annual rate of 65% by 2017, reaching 2.1 billion units. Berg Insight also stated that the penetration rate for NFC across all mobile phone segments will similarly increase to about 32% by 2017. Berg Insight […]

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Budweiser Uses QR Codes to Help New Friends Connect on Facebook


Budweiser Brazil is helping people get connected a lot more easily than before. If you are in a bar, the last thing you would want to be lugging around are pieces of paper and a pen. However, what if you meet the girl or guy of your dreams and you want to call him or […]

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Fraunhofer Makes Use of QR codes to Enable Secure Sharing of NFC Keys


We have talked repeatedly about how QR codes and near-field communication should not be pitted against each other. We have talked time and again about how these two technologies can instead be used to complement each other or about how both can be used to give consumers an alternative. Now, we came across another great […]

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Google Imitates Apple


Apple has shown a tremendous amount of support for QR codes, particularly when it shunned near-field communication from appearing on its flagship iPhone and iPad devices. On the app side, Apple is using QR codes for its Passbook app. It seems that Google is following Apple’s footsteps in this regard. The search giant has its […]

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Kraft Foods Trials NFC and QR Codes


Kraft Foods has been pushing its mobile commerce programs of late and has been testing out near-field communication and QR codes. In January of this year, the food giant used QR codes to promote its cheeses. The company put up QR codes with its cheese products, taking scanners to mobile recipes. It also had print […]

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Romania’s Garanti Bank Uses QR Codes for Mobile Payments


When it comes to wireless technologies, when one mentions mobile payments, the first thing that comes into mind is near-field communication. However, Garanti Bank is using QR codes for its mobile payments system in Romania. Patterning with Seamless, a Swedish company involved in mobile payments, Garanti Bank will be unrolling the SEQR mobile payment system […]

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Mobile Marketing Choices: What Should You Use?


Thinking of going mobile with your marketing? What do you use? The number 1 thing that marketers should be looking at when entering mobile marketing is the content. Marketing materials should have relevant, interesting and informative content. It should move and persuade customers to either buy the product or try to learn more about it. […]

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NFC Partnerships: MacKay Meters and UIC; Etisalat and EIDA


MacKay Meters and UIC Join Forces for NFC-Based Payments in Parking Meter Innovative parking systems provider MacKay Meters has teamed up with Uniform Industrial Corporation for the provision of the first-ever single-space wireless parking meter that allows contactless or NFC-based payments. Currently, the MacKay Guardian(TM) SOLO accepts different forms of payment, including tokens, credit cards, […]

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