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New nio Card Uses NFC


In the United Kingdom, a new startup company is trying to come up with the first Bitcoin smartcard. Bluenio has started a Kickstarter campaign to help it fund the nio Card. The company’s nio Card has a lot of functions. For one, it uses near-field communication technology to help you transfer Bitcoins. It also acts […]

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Avoid These Mobile Wallet Mistakes!


Mobile wallets are really gaining traction with more and more users over the past few years. And why not as more and more providers are giving more options for people who want to use mobile wallets. Then there is also the support of big companies, from Google and Apple, to telecommunication firms, and right to […]

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Android and NFC


It is hard to believe that Android is turning only five years old on October 22, 2013, the same day that rival Apple is holding a special event for their devices. In that five years, Android has came out on top, fully dominating the world of mobile operating systems. Together with rival iOS, Android has […]

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Sprint Launches NFC-Enabled Pinsight Touch


Sprint has introduced their new mobile payments platform, Pinsight Touch. Pinsight Touch allows mobile app developers to incorporate a mobile payments system into their apps that uses near-field communication. The new platform would allow users to store their credentials on mobile phones, tablets and mobile devices. A business can then use the platform to offer […]

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Best Practice: Educate Your Customers in Using Near-Field Communication


Even though Apple has yet again snubbed near-field communication technology on its iPhone, you still have a couple of devices to work with making NFC marketing a viable option. If you are planning an NFC marketing campaign, do not make the mistake that other marketers have committed: educate your customers about NFC. For some marketers, […]

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Google Releases New Wallet App


When Google first came out with its Google Wallet mobile app, it was such that you could only transact using near-field communication. It has since undergone a lot of changes, including moving user information onto the cloud to make it much more secure. Two years after its release, however, Google Wallet is still not living […]

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No NFC? And Other Disappointments with the New iPhone 5S and 5C


After Apple announced the new iPhone 5S and its cheapskate sister iPhone 5C last week, the world has been abuzz. For one, the announcement introduced the world’s first gold iPhone and an alternative for those people who have been dreaming of owning an iPhone but cannot really afford one. However, the new iPhones did come […]

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Media Markt Uses QR Codes and NFC for Shopping Wall


Media Markt, an electronics seller in Russia, is currently trying out virtual stores that they have put up at a subway station in Moscow. The test run will continue until November. The shopping walls would be using both NFC and QR codes. Moscow Metro’s Vystavochnaya station will have posters that look like shelves found at […]

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Why the iPhone 5 loses Out to Samsung Galaxy S4


Apple’s iPhone has a loyal following among consumers in the United States. And why not, it was the first smartphone to really catch our attention and with every new feature that is released in subsequent iPhones, it was difficult to look at anything else and find a smartphone that would compare. Until recently when Samsung […]

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Check Out These Two Innovative NFC Campaigns


When it comes to uses in marketing, near-field communication is still in its infancy. This is especially true if you compare it to QR codes. So far, we have seen NFC being used in outdoor advertising. Bus shelters are being turned into virtual shops with NFC. Marketing posters are taking people to online resources, Web […]

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