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Can Twitter and Facebook Give Youtube a Challenge?


As we all know, online social networking sites are all talking about how to scramble for the most ad dollars that are being thrown out there on the internet. As a matter of fact, it was reported that advertisers in the United States alone, will be throwing more than four billion dollars on digital video […]

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Yahoo Tries to Lure Back Users with Mobile Apps


It would seem that a lot of people have already written off Yahoo and have gone on to use products from other brands. For example, people who previously used Yahoo for their Internet search needs are Googling instead. Yahoo sure has missed out on a lot of things. With new management, however, the company is […]

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Why Is LinkedIn Walking Away from HTML5?


Not even a year ago, LinkedIn came out with an iPad app that it proudly proclaimed to be almost “fully mobile Web based,” not native as most mobile apps are. The decision to use HTML5 with a heavy inclination towards Node.js raised not just a few eyebrows. LinkedIn has been known to be conservative, yet […]

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Viacom vs. Youtube


While Facebook Home is boasting of its first half a million downloads from Google Playstore, people are playing skeptics for now. They are all point their fingers at the fact that half a million download is nothing in the face of the sheer number of members that the online social networking site has. And besides, half a million downloads does not mean half a million installs and it also does not indicate how many people actually loaded the app and also uninstalled the app.

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Unsurprising News About Teens Watching More Videos Online Than Ever Before


When I read a piece of news ‘revealing’ the fact that there are more 12 to 17 year old kids watching videos online than ever before, on their mobile phones, with their headsets on, the inward clucking I mentally did probably resonated through the walls. Yes, being a parent of teenagers makes me far too […]

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Oklahoma Medical Board To Use QR Code


Ever since news about the medical industries in other countries are using QR Codes to keep track of patients’ medical records hit the newsstand and the internet, we have been on a lookout for similar news on homeground and finally, it made it to my Google Alert list today – the state of Oklahoma have […]

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Flipboard Lets Users Generate Their Own ‘Magazine’


So Flipboard’s announced that they are going to open up their platform for content creation instead of just content curation – who is excited? For those who are not into getting their daily news bite from apps and other online methods, Flipboard is basically an application that people use to get their news from. If […]

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Google Is Eyeing Whatsapp


As a regular user of Whatsapp, it came as no surprise at all when I saw the news this morning, that Google is in talks with Whatsapp. Honestly speaking, Whatsapp truly saves us, smartphone users, a whole lot of money in terms of sending messages to friends. Make no mistake about it, Whatsapp is not […]

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Facebook’s Emily White In Monetizing Talks With Instagram


It is hard to escape news about Facebook today, even as I load my RSS feed for ‘IT news’, it is everywhere. And of course, it is no secret at all to anyone who have been keeping in tune with technology news, that Facebook has been looking everywhere for a way to monetize on its […]

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Carrier Saia Applies QR Codes for Speedy Maintenance and Inspection


Saia Motor Freight is using quick response codes on 17,000 assets to improve its trucks inspection and maintenance processes and to better its efficiency. The QR codes are going to be integrated with the Johns Creek, GA-based carrier’s maintenance platform MVASIST. For those who are not familiar with MVASIST, it is the an SRM or […]

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