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Purite Now Using QR Codes to Teach Customers How to Replace Cartridges


Purite has recently put up QR codes on the packaging of their pre-treatment and deionizer replacement cartridges. These QR codes resolve to a video that shows customers how to replace the cartridges properly. Purite is a company that provides water purification systems to their customers. They use the latest technologies in making their products, so […]

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Using Your Phone’s Casing as a Business Card


By now, most people in developing and developed countries are using a smartphone. Considering the fact that the cost of smartphone these days have dropped to an all-time affordable level, there is really very few reasons NOT to own a smartphone. Anyway, how has this affected the world when it comes to QR Code usage? […]

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QR Codes Show up at Xiamen Airport


QR codes are making the check-in process at Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport a little bit easier. For passengers who do not have to check in any baggage can check in by going to the Chinese language, the airport’s Web site. On the site, they will be required to submit their personal information. After that, […]

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Xiamen Airport Goes High Tech


It has been a long time coming but we heard from the grapevine that Xiamen airport is now allowing its passengers to check into the airport by scanning QR Code. For those who are unfamiliar with QR Codes, they are an evolved version of your basic 2D barcode…the same ones that the cashier at the […]

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Is Google Glass Really Such a Different Threat To Our Privacy?


Ever since Google made the announcement about Google Glass, everyone (well, not literally but people who are into Internet and technology) have been up in arms about privacy. I, on the other hand, worry very little about it. Why? It is not that we are public people and most of us, let’s admit this, want […]

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QR Code Newsbits: What Else Is Happening?


QR Codes Appear in Mundy Park In British Columbia in Canada, QR codes are regaling Mundy Park visitors to interesting bits of information about the park and everything inside it. QR codes have been placed on park signs all around the area. When you scan the QR code, you will be able to see relevant […]

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Journalists Need To Jump Into Internet Game Plan and ENGAGE


The talks has been going for a good time and as long as journalists, editors and reporters continue to deny or refuse to hop on the internet game plan, there is only so much we can do for old-school journalists. With the internet, EVERYONE can be a writer. A blogger is a writer and in […]

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Mystical QR Codes Hits Mystic Town of CT


Learning about the history and culture of a place that you are visiting should not end the very moment the plane hits the runway. Most of us try to absorb and learn as much as we can about a city or country before a trip. It turns us into frantic, info-hungry internet surfers who compiles […]

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DS Smith Packaging To Introduce QR Code For Reorders


If you have worked for large companies that deals with large and bulk purchases of stuff on a regular basis, you would know what it feels like to fill in the same form with the same exact information each and every time and then go through the same motion from week to week just to […]

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Budweiser Uses QR Codes to Help New Friends Connect on Facebook


Budweiser Brazil is helping people get connected a lot more easily than before. If you are in a bar, the last thing you would want to be lugging around are pieces of paper and a pen. However, what if you meet the girl or guy of your dreams and you want to call him or […]

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