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DGVN Uses QR Codes for Love Padlocks Campaign Helping Women in Forced Marriages


Cheil Germany has created a very unique QR code campaign for DGVN or the United Nations Association of Germany, which launched an initiative against forced marriages. This QR code campaign involves thousands of love padlocks on a fence by the Hohenzollern Bridge in Cologne. What Are Love Padlocks For those who are not familiar with […]

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Deep In Thought About A SmartWatch


In recent weeks, we have seen an influx of various different types of smart devices being suggested, talked about, rumored and introduced…and this includes the smart camera and now, the smart watch. In fact, Apple has gone ahead to trademark their iWatch design and functions. We are all pretty excited with the news, but after […]

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eRx QR Code App Allows Consumers to Pre-Order Medicines


You can now pre-order medicines from your regular pharmacy through the eRx QR code scanning application. This new smartphone app from eRx Script Exchange will be launched in October. eRx’s new QR Code app will allow consumers to order their medicines ahead of time from their pharmacy of choice by simply scanning the given quick […]

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Study Finds Twitter Slightly Outpacing Facebook Recently


Optimal did a comparison and survey recently, comparing the success rate of large brand names on social media sites, Twitter and Facebook, and the study found that large brand names tend to experience better success rate on Twitter when compared to Facebook. The measurement they did compared the rise of followers or fans on both […]

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QR Code A Must For Mobile Commerce


It is a given fact that more and more businesses are hopping onto mobile ecommerce. We are seeing a drastic rise in people using their mobile phones to pay for things that they want to buy online, instead of the usual online purchase made on a personal computer or a laptop. Coupons, discount cards, loyalty […]

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QR Codes on Daimler Cars Could Save Lives


Sometimes, it is not the fault of medical personnels when patients do not receive immediate proper care during emergency situations like traffic accidents. Admittedly, instances of road fatalities is high everywhere in the world but it was during a recent study that it was revealed that one of the main reasons why some casualties receive […]

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Ruben Ubeira Brings Artwork To Life With QR Codes


‘I love art. The medium does not matter. I paint what I see, what surrounds me, the everyday and mundane captured in time’, so says Ruben Ubeira who is a well-known and much-loved street artists in Florida. Ubeira, born in Santo Domingo in Dominican Republic in 1975, is a neo figurative artist who draws, paints […]

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Weary Of Patent Law Mud Slinging


When I grow up, I want to be a lawyer dealing specifically with patent lawsuits. Jokes aside, we are, by now, pretty familiar with the weary subject of patent lawsuits and how all these mobile companies are throwing them around like snowballs in winter. Seeing opportunity to strike and strike freely, they will. Especially here […]

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QR Code Made Out Of Lego Sets


Lego simply does not get old. Wherever there is Legos around, creativity and curiosity seems to make itself at home too. Just ask Luke Magette’s parents. Luke Magette may be only ten years old at the time of writing this post, but when it comes to creativity, this young mind is simply curious about the […]

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QR Code Newsbits: Two Ideas for QR Codes


QR Codes for Certified Jewelry Gems and jewelry that are certified by the International Gemological Institute now have QR codes on them. Using your smartphone, you can scan these QR codes and get access to the unique IGI report for that particular piece of jewelry. Now jewelry buyers can know for sure if they are […]

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