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Hashing Out Facebook’s Hashtag Use


Twitter users weren’t really surprised when Facebook announced the use and availability of the #hashtag feature….we have been quite used to the idea, really but what got us thinking was, perhaps, WHY were they introducing it. My guess is that they are going to use it to track ideas, news, and trending topics just like […]

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Along with smartphones, in comes smartdiapers?


For countless years, baby diaper manufacturers have been trying to make new improvements to their products. There are easily removable ones, and then there are ones that does not even need to be strapped on only to be worn like normal, ordinary pants. But manufacturers of these baby diapers are strapped on for an even […]

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Danone Creates 1,400 QR Codes per Minute


French food company Danone, also one of the largest food conglomerates in the world, sells yoghurt in Spain. Danone has a loyalty program open to their customers in Spain and they want to make it easier! Instead of having to have the customer input, everything to have their purchase recorded, all they have to do […]

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Watch The Fireworks Before Purchasing It


Many companies have already caught on with QR Codes in terms of using the technology to show customers how to use their products after they have purchased the item. Case in point would be DIY products that customers need video demos and instructions in order to assemble complicated products. Sometimes, non-hands-on people need more than […]

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QR Codes and Alcoholic Drinks Do Mix!


Have you have ever wanted to make your own beer or wondered what your favorite drink is made of? If you are in Colorado, you might want to head to Eagle and scan the QR codes found on their craft beers. Bonfire Brewing is using QR codes on the labels of their craft beers to […]

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Samsung Splurges On R&D


It is no news at all that Samsung has been named as one of the fastest growing corporate bodies in the world today when it comes to sale of smartphones and tablets. It has officially bitten into the Apple pie, some reports suggest. While I am unfamiliar with numbers and don’t have the time to […]

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Orée Board Offers A Completely Warm Experience


For those who type a lot and work with their computers or laptops a lot throughout the day will agree with me when I say that the keyboard is an extremely personal item on the computer. It is what we touch the most and I am sure you can attest to the fact that you […]

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XBox Inclusion of QR Code For Redemption of Purchases


Xbox One remains to be one of the few leading video game console game there is in the market today despite fierce competition from the likes of Nintendo and Sony. In fact, we have a feeling that Microsoft is going all the way in order to up the ante on its competitors. XBox One is […]

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Woolworths Lets Customers “Meet the Growers” Via QR Codes


Woolworths has rolled out a QR code-based campaign that allows customers to get to know the local growers who supply Woolworths with its fresh produce. Woolworths is an Australia-based provider of fresh fruits, vegetables and meat. It boasts of having great partnerships with local growers and farmers. Now, it wants to share some of its […]

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QR Codes Popping Up At Rotary Botanical Garden in Janesville


The Janesville Rotary Botanical Gardens is a true hidden gem of the country and it has always been known for a couple of things including being a perfect backdrop for wedding photos, a site for photography enthusiasts who have a special liking for rare plants and gorgeous blooms, their awesome French and Scottish and Japanese […]

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