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History Markers Come Alive with QR Codes


Tourists in Fort Wayne, Indiana, are told to do a walking tour called the Central Downtown Heritage Trail. The Trail takes tourists to various historical points in the area, which include 19 historical sites. These sites all have markers to commemorate an event or historical figure that helped shaped Fort Wayne. The trail was first […]

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Mobile Is Rising: How Can You Take Advantage of This Trend?


It is said that more people are more concerned about leaving their mobile phones at home than their wallets. According to a recent Morgan Stanley study, 9 out of 10 Americans now have a mobile device that they can use at all times of the day, all days of the week. As a small business, […]

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Teens and Mobile Apps


Mobile apps can be a great marketing tool, provided you offer something useful that is related to your company, brand, or products. For example, a company that sells cosmetics can come up with a makeup app that would show users how to use their products. A clothing company can also allow users to preview their […]

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Three New Apps You Should Download NOW!


Getting bored with the mobile apps you have on your phone? Why not download these new and exciting apps? We are sure that you will have tremendous fun with these games! Disney Infinity: Action! How would you like to feature Disney characters in your videos? Now you can do just that with Disney Infinity: Action! […]

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Insights from Adobe


There is good news for advertisers who love using QR codes in their marketing. An Adobe mobile consumer survey shows that more people are scanning QR codes now. In its 2013 Mobile Consumer Survey, Adobe reported that around one in every three mobile consumer have scanned QR codes in the three months immediately before the […]

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QR Codes on Product Packaging


Farmers on Film promotes the use of QR codes on cheese product packaging. Farmers on Film sponsored a competition at the International Nantwich Cheese Show that searched for the best use of QR codes in disseminating how farmers work and how they contribute to society. The main goal is for consumers to scan the QR […]

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Flipboard Joins Instagram in Becoming Mobile-First


For its millions of users, Flipboard changed the way people viewed content on the Web using their smartphones. From just browsing boring Web sites, smartphone users were treated to a magazine-like interface that made news a visually enriched experience. Flipboard’s move could not have been done with better timing. Google has closed down its RSS […]

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NFC Payments and Other Mobile Payments to Bring in $1 Billion in 2013


Even as near-field communication continues to struggle as far as adoption is concerned, more and more people are using their smartphones to pay for their purchases. NFC has been coming out in an increasing number of devices during the past year, but there are still snags in the way. For one, there are just too […]

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Lookout Mobile Says that QR Codes Makes Google Glasses a Security Fail


Google Glass is the latest from the search giant. It is a wearable device that allows you to do everything you can do with a smartphone without having to use your hands. One of the features of Google Glass is that you can ask it to take a picture of anything and even scan a […]

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Nothing Fishy About The Fish


While the world continues to be rocked by news that Google Glass owners’ devices could be hacked with a malicious QR Code, there continues to be great news rolling around on Twitter and Facebook about how many others are putting the QR Code technology to extremely good use. With so many people trying out Google […]

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