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Google Talk


Google’s changed so much. So much so that people who were once at the top of the SEO game (e.g.; during the times of Altavista, Excite and the likes) may not recognize search engine for what it is now. Instead of bringing you a whole barrage of links and information from ‘all around the world’, the search engine made a revolutionary decision – to go local. This is where geography comes into play and how you position yourself in Google’s Places will have a bigger impact on where you come out on Google’s result pages. 

I am sure you must have noticed (if not, stop reading for a minute and make a search on Google. You might find the top few listings are from within your region. 


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Google Offers A Challenge To Groupon


It is a well-known fact that Google tries to buy everything that it has its sights on. Remember when Google tried to tackle down Facebook and Facebook said ‘nuh-uh’? well, what do we have? Yes, we now have G+. Despite the fact that G+ is hardly (not yet, not right now, anyway) a big challenger to Facebook at this point in time, they’re catching up because G+ works in a unique way. 

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Largest QR Code for Guinness World Records


We have heard of large-scale QR codes created to attract people’s attention.  But the one being painted by Hackerspace Charlotte on the roof of the Southern Resources building in Charlotte, NC’s NoDa district is for the Guinness World Records.

The giant QR code will cover most of the roof’s 10,000 square-feet area, with the pixels estimated to cover at least one square meter each.  The two-dimensional bar code will also be big enough to be seen by satellite, which means that it will show up if you look at Southern Resources or Hackerspace on Google Maps or Google Earth.

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Hennessey Partners Up With Kaws


Our radar caught some news about Hennessy has launched a QR Code campaign, launching the new limited edition bottles in collaboration with Kaws, an up-and-coming artiste. In the news, it said that Kaw personally designed the limited edition bottle for Hennessey. Interesting. 

According to reliable sources, ever since the QR Code was created, there have been an astonishing number of scans…or more accurately, more than 1.3 million scans!


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Wikipedia Helps Tourists and Museum Goers Get More Information in Their Language


QR codes have a lot of uses for various people. Marketers are taking advantage of the fact that QR codes are free to generate and use, and is very flexible that it could resolve to various URLs, multimedia content, marketing brochures and other marketing collaterals online.

QR codes have also been used in education, fashion and other fields where it has proven to be a very valuable resource and tool.  And now Wikipedia offers its own QR code service!


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QR Codes During NYC Fashion Week


It might seem like a surprise to some but I don’t think I am all that taken aback with the fact that Fashion Week used QR Codes in their campaigns. Fashion week came and fashion lovers saw QR Codes plastered and printed onto…well, just about anything that they can plaster the QR Code on. 

As it turns out, QR Code isn’t at all geeky…it is fashionable. 


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Hallmark Uses QR Codes in Halloween Cards


It seems that Hallmark followed our suggestion for QR code greeting cards.

Hallmark is bent on giving people a very exciting Halloween. The company introduces a new line of Halloween greeting cards for kids that use QR code technology.

Specifically, the company’s latest greeting card innovation uses quick response codes to allow kids to send a bonus video clip of their favorite animated character. 

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