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Ad-driven Apps Killing Smartphone Battery Life


This is a common problem with not just Android smartphone and device users…ad-driven apps are probably eating the life out of the battery and that is why we are facing drained-batteries by the time lunch rolls around. People are reduced to carrying their phone chargers to work everyday and plugging it in in the middle […]

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Mobile On The Move – Android For Travelers


Having a mobile app on your phone or tablet when traveling can not only make life a little bit more convenient, it can literally save you from loads of trouble. Take it from someone who travels a fair bit…at least a couple of times a year and to far off places where people speak a […]

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Fotolio – Android App For The Avid Photographer


When it comes to mobile technology, let’s admit it. There are times when we sit back and wonder how we survive being completely overwhelmed with the sheer number of things coming at us. First, there are the smartphones and now, tablets.

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Android App For Your Green Thumb


With all this talk about technology, is it possible for our devices, be it our cell phone or tablets or laptops, help us be more in tune with Mother Earth? Can these power-sucking electronics counter the damage that we have made to our planet?

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Samsung To Release Android Camera In The Near Future?


Did you know that there are currently more than 700,000 activations for Android devices on a daily basis? Yes, you read right…that’s DAILY. So, suffice to say, Android is growing but will it outpace Apple, I am not so sure but things are looking exciting on the technology-front. It is like watching these two giants […]

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