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Twitter’s Latest Update Brings Back Original Coolness


All this while, smartphone Twitter users have been using third-party ad-supported apps to tweet and update statuses across multiple platforms. For instance, Tweetcaster, Tweetdeck and Ubersocial are all very popular third-party apps that smartphone users use to access and update their accounts. But it is only a matter of time that Twitter step the game […]

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Kinectimals Has Come To Android


It was big news for the Android community when Microsoft announced that they will be joining in the game to battle for their fair share of the mobile world. It may, some have said, have been a late entry but supporters are saying that it is better late than never. Whether it will survive the […]

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Paperless Directory In Your Hands

magnifying glass world

As it is, there are loads of apps available for download to mobile devices, add one more to the list, people. Here comes, a large and well-known business directory which is known for being the first in the industry to aggressively and positively market itself as a forefront leader who cares about the world’s […]

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Google Play Expansion Soon

google play

Just like its counterpart, Android users always have their eye out for new stuff on Google Play. If you asked me, on a personal level, I would actually say that their old name which is ‘Market’ was far more accurate and suitable because the apps available on Google Play are not all games. Some are […]

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Android Controls Forty Eight Percent of Smartphone Market


While loyal Apple fans may find it a little off-putting, it needs to be said that when one compares the price of an Apple product with an Android one, whichever brand it is that you prefer, one would wonder if loyalty is enough to keep the fans from going off tangent. This is especially true […]

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Scan-To-Gram – Instant Find And Follow System For Instagram


It is a well known fact by now that Instagram now belongs to Facebook. While it continues to be fuzzy on the integration part and how Instagram continues to look and feel ‘separate’ from the main function of Facebook, we do feel that the two apps are slowly coming together. Facebook, for many of us, […]

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Five Million Users Undrew Draw Something

draw something

When Draw Something hit the market, everyone (except for this writer over here) went nuts. Everyday, as updated on Facebook and many other online social networking accounts, people drew something to let their friends guess. For a while, it was fun. ‘It’s awesome because when you have nothing to do, like lounging around in the […]

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Instagram Came To Android


Android lovers have been listening to and watching all those Apple folks use Instagram on their phones and tablets for a long time. They have been waiting patiently, quietly hoping that Instagram will one day heed their longing for the app. And true enough, Instagram’s finally answered the beckoning call of Android followers; the very […]

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Square Mobile Payment App Takes On The Consumers


Paying with the cell phone just gets easier and easier with Paypal and other online payment apps. If you are not already doing this, you should. I just made the first mobile purchase ever and suffice to say, it was seamless, took seconds and am already looking forward to purchasing something else online. The ease […]

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Pay The PayDragon Way


PayDragon, if you have not already heard all about it during SXSW, is a mobile app that aims to let customer order and pay for items that they are interested in completely online. Paypal, watch out. It PayDragon rolls this one out properly, it is about to give Paypal a run for their money. PayDragon […]

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