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A Keychain-cum-Controller – Good For Gamers


If you constantly finding it difficult to always slip and slide your way on your tab, you are not alone. Some gamers are used to holding a joystick in their hands and prefer to keep things simple. However, carrying your joystick around in your pocket isn’t quite such a great idea considering the fact that […]

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Facebook’s Attempts At Improving Mobile Experience


Setting aside the problems that Facebook may be facing in terms of stock prices (we will leave that for the financial analysts and professionals), there is another problem that has been holding Facebook back in terms of finances and potential – mobile advertising. If you, like me, check your Facebook account on your mobile phone, […]

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Toys ‘R’ Us Tablet – Tabeo Up For Pre-Order


Almost all kids these days either have their own mobile device, phone or tablets so, it comes as not much of a surprise when we heard Toys ‘R’ Us announce that they are ready to join the tablet race with their very own tablet (that has been designed with the little ones in mind) called […]

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A Giant Fight For The Apple Pie In The Smartphone Battlefield


Even though it was reported that Google shares fell a little in the past couple of days, it seems that the internet giant is raring to go on the mobile from. While many people have written off Microsoft in the past after seeing how Samsung led the pact in its aggressive wrestle for power in […]

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Google Authenticator To The Rescue


Let’s admit it, as amazing as the world can sometimes be, there are bad, mean and ill-intentioned people lurking around cyber corners. They are waiting for one unsuspecting person to lose their phone, password, go through unsecured wifi connections or simply someone who likes to download stuff into their personal computers, laptops, mobile phones or […]

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A Safer Dropbox In BETA Mode


You know what a modern fear is? A modern fear is the fear of having someone hack into your account (ANY online account) and have other people tamper with it because much of everything that you do, say, find and save are online. All your personal and work files are all probably online on Google […]

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Nikon To Release Android Powered Camera


We heard it from the rumor mill first – that there is going to be a camera that works from the Android platform, can connect to the internet and online social networking sites and is relatively inexpensive – but back then, I was doubtful whether it was at all relevant because most of our phones […]

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Adobe Pulling Flash Out From Mobile Scene


Last year, Adobe surprised everyone when they announced that they are pulling the plug on popular plugin, Flash, from the mobile scene. The company’s been pushing through the plugin so that it could integrate into the mobile devices while facing fierce competition with HTML5. It made headway with Android which remains an open platform. But […]

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Android – How Secure Are You?


One of the things about using an Android platform is that it is an open system and as with any other open systems, users are exposed to multiple dangers that sometimes are hard to curb and control. As at the point of writing this article, Google does not yet have a solid system or platform […]

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So, What’s Up With Your Android Web Browser


For Android phone and mobile device users, finding and using the right browser makes all the difference in the world especially if you like browsing on your tab and want to coordinate the history, links and favorites on your personal computer or laptop. Web browsers now makes it easy for you to ‘favorite’ a link […]

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