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Instagram Backtracks


Those who are not on Instagram will not understand this but everyone sort of breathed a heavy sigh of relief when Instagram did a very quick roundabout yesterday to appease frustrated and in some cases, quite angry, fans of the mobile app maker. In a blog post on their official website, they handed out a […]

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Android-Only Apps that iPhone Users Would Want: Part 1


iPhone and Android devices will always be at war with one another. More than anything, however, it is not going to be the features that people are going to be pitting against, but the apps. For quite some time, there have been a whole lot of apps that iPhone users had exclusive access to. For […]

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Google Maps is Back on Apple


It was a big day for Google yesterday as well as it was a fantastic one for Apple fans…Google Maps app finally made its way for iOS phones and devices! Three months ago, Apple replaced Google Maps with their very own Map navigational system but fans were disappointed with the inferior quality and information. So, […]

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New Skype For Android Devices


Despite owning several Android devices at home, whenever someone asked for a meeting or chat on Skype, I have always preferred to ask them to ‘Hang on, let me log in on the laptop’. Being an Android fan, this has kind of left me feeling a little sheepish and disappointed. But you know what? Skype […]

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Tweet Lane App Latest ‘Victim’ To Twitter’s Strict Rules


Twitter, as much as we all love using it, have its own ways. You can’t force them to do anything that they don’t want to do. Facebook may waver here and there, listen to views, open up doors, and maybe make some changes to suit both users and app developers so that everyone can have […]

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Control Your Personal Computer With Your Smartphone Experiment


It is simply amazing that people are always coming up with awesome ways to leave people quite speechless and this time, it is the guys at the back-end of Chrome Experiments that we are talking about. Toaster Limited came up with an experiment that showcases a fun and extremely interactive way to engage people in […]

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Android Financial Tools


Well, to say that you can balance your whole accounts on your phone would be stretching things a little too far but to say that we can better keep track of our expenditure and control our spending would be realistic and practical. There are plenty of Android apps out there in Google Market for everyone […]

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Twitter Apps For Android Devices


Most of us use Twitter for both personal and professional reasons. Obviously, for businesses, we are using it to connect to our customers via the internet and also to hopefully bring in more business and find new customers, partners and affiliates to work with. For those of us who are using Twitter for personal reasons, […]

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Star Gazing…The App Way


Just so we are all on the same page…Google Sky rocks…like nothing else. For those who don’t know what Google Sky is, it is basically an app that you can download onto your mobile device which…well…basically shows you the sky. Literally. On your personal computer or on your laptop, your experience might be limited to […]

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Get On The Peace Path With These Apps


Most people we know work with their phones. You either schedule your stuff, organize your checklist, plan ahead of time, assign work to your colleagues or subordinates, update your boss, stay in touch with your client or simply use Dropbox to keep your files together. Better yet, you probably ‘hand out’ your business cards via […]

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