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Apple Requests Removal of Gifts in LINE


LINE is a messaging app that is popular in the Asian market. It is very popular that it has racked up to $58 million as revenue in the first quarter of 2013. Not bad for a mobile app that is mainly focused on the Asian market. A big part of that money came from its […]

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Yahoo Tries to Lure Back Users with Mobile Apps


It would seem that a lot of people have already written off Yahoo and have gone on to use products from other brands. For example, people who previously used Yahoo for their Internet search needs are Googling instead. Yahoo sure has missed out on a lot of things. With new management, however, the company is […]

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Flipboard Lets Users Generate Their Own ‘Magazine’


So Flipboard’s announced that they are going to open up their platform for content creation instead of just content curation – who is excited? For those who are not into getting their daily news bite from apps and other online methods, Flipboard is basically an application that people use to get their news from. If […]

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Healthier Lifestyles with Mobile Apps


Smartphones are considered a disruptive technology because it changed the way we use technology. Instead of lugging heavy laptops, we now use smartphones to do some low level computing on the move. So how about smartphone apps that help you change your bad behaviors or help give you a healthier lifestyle? Here are some: 1. […]

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Apps That Keep You Connected, and Why They Cannot Beat Facebook


Facebook currently have more than 1 billion users and because it has been steadily working on its mobile presence, some of its popularity has spilled over onto it mobile applications. It is understandable that Facebook’s mobile apps have some copycats. In fact a number of these copycats are gaining traction and clocking in downloads. These […]

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Facebook’s Emily White In Monetizing Talks With Instagram


It is hard to escape news about Facebook today, even as I load my RSS feed for ‘IT news’, it is everywhere. And of course, it is no secret at all to anyone who have been keeping in tune with technology news, that Facebook has been looking everywhere for a way to monetize on its […]

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Push Ads Don’t Work On Free Apps


We live in a very mobile world today and in fact, I would say that we live in a world full of apps. For Android fans, this means free apps (most of the time) or really affordable ones. I am no stranger to this phenomenon as well because we all have apps that help us […]

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Layar Integrates QR Codes into Augmented Reality App


Amsterdam-based Layar has introduced an update to its augmented reality application. And this update involves quick response codes. The Dutch company is known for having created a mobile browser, which is also called Layar. This browser allows its users to find different items based on AR technology. The Layar App is used by tens of […]

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Bored? Check Out These Android Games!


Here at BeQRious, we love Android apps to bits, almost as much as we love QR codes. So we give you two things that you could download if you are looking for Android Games. The Humble Bundle The Humble Bundle is noteworthy for a variety of reasons. For one, if you are sick and tired […]

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Google Play’s Privacy Scandal


If you have ever purchased an app on Google Play, then you must be aware that your private details may have been compromised. It recently came to light that developers on Google Play can see your e-mail address, your name and other more personal details about you. The revelation came from an Australian app developer […]

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