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Five Mobile Apps That You Simply Must Try


Getting tired of the mobile apps that you have on your smartphone or tablet right now? Then try out these free mobile apps. Yap Yap is a music discovery app that works just like Spotify, Shazam and Pandora. These mobile apps help you discover new songs based on your preferences. Yap is the newest kid […]

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Going Viral With Pinterest


Everyone’s at it…using Youtube to make their videos viral, pumping up their Facebook accounts by sharing and tagging pictures, videos and online content, and also not forgetting sending information out on Twitter as a form of branding exercise. But the sad thing is that no one has really said anything useful or substantial about using […]

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How QR Codes Are Helping Mobile Apps


QR codes are primarily a mobile technology. Therefore, it should not come as a shock that QR codes are now increasingly being used in a lot of mobile apps. One of the areas that QR codes are being used in mobile applications is social discovery. What is social discovery? Social discovery is when a mobile […]

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Deep In Thought About A SmartWatch


In recent weeks, we have seen an influx of various different types of smart devices being suggested, talked about, rumored and introduced…and this includes the smart camera and now, the smart watch. In fact, Apple has gone ahead to trademark their iWatch design and functions. We are all pretty excited with the news, but after […]

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Study Finds Twitter Slightly Outpacing Facebook Recently


Optimal did a comparison and survey recently, comparing the success rate of large brand names on social media sites, Twitter and Facebook, and the study found that large brand names tend to experience better success rate on Twitter when compared to Facebook. The measurement they did compared the rise of followers or fans on both […]

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One in Three Handsets to Have NFC Capability by 2017, Berg Insight Says


According to a new study by Berg Insight, the installed base of NFC-capable mobile phones will grow at a compound annual rate of 65% by 2017, reaching 2.1 billion units. Berg Insight also stated that the penetration rate for NFC across all mobile phone segments will similarly increase to about 32% by 2017. Berg Insight […]

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3 Notable Apps for You


For this week, BeQRious will be bringing you three recommended apps that could change your lifestyle. Expensify If you have always wondered where all your money goes, then you must be neglecting the small expenses that you make. Now you can get a better handle of your money with Expensify. You can record all your […]

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The Apps to Have Just in Case You Lose Your Android Phone


Between your smartphone and your wallet, we are betting that it would be much preferable for you to lose your wallet than your smartphone. Your smartphone can have your most private images and messages, as well as other data and information that can be damaging in the wrong hands. So how do you protect yourself […]

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Looking for a Birth Control Method? There’s an App for That!


Sometimes, a woman can find it difficult to choose the right birth control method that is perfect for them. If you own an iPad, this will no longer be a problem with a new app that was developed at UCLA. Plan a Birth Control or Plan ABC uses medically accurate information to help women choose […]

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New Useful Android Apps – Tried And Tested


There is literally thousands and thousands of apps coming up on Google Playstore everyday and I have to admit that while I am loving all the new intros, it can get a little overwhelming. These new untested entries are promising a whole lot of things but are they going to deliver? Just like iOS, there […]

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