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Castle Rock Historical Society Uses QR Codes to Recount History

castle rock qr codes

QR codes might have been made to track automotive parts, but it has come a long way since then. Nowadays, QR codes are more known as a marketing tool, as a way to bridge your offline marketing materials with online information. It has also been used in schools as a convenient way to make lessons come alive.

And of course, it has been used by museums to make their exhibits more interactive and fun. We have seen the Fort Wayne Art Museum do this, as well as the National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium. In fact, Wikipediahas even made making QR codes being used in museums easier to generate.

This is what Castle Rock’s historical society had in mind when it proposed to add QR codes that are designed to tell the town’s stories. The society plans to put up 20 historical QR codes at the town’s historical places that are currently included in the town’s walking tour. The program is called “Then and Now – Holding History in Your Hand.”

Tourists and interested individuals may scan the QR code and be taken to a Web page that has all the historical details about that particular building.

The Historical Society, which owns Castle Rock History Museum, wants to use these QR codes to drive further interest in the town’s various landmarks in the downtown area.

Angel Horvath, Castle Rock Historical Society president, remarked that this is an interesting way to combine the old and the new, making history “easily accessible and relevant” to people on the street.

The soon to be erexcted markers would have an aluminum body with an antique finish. The QR code will be embedded in the design.

Horvath said that the QR codes and the markers are part of the town’s efforts to identify the structures that are historically relevant, bring in more business and visitors, while also helping to promote tourism in the downtown area.

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