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Carbon Offsetting And A QR Code


Carbon offsetting has recently gained global appeal because of concerns raised by many consumers in Western countries. People, they contend, need to know and be more aware of the negative contributions that we give to the environment. For large companies, government bodies, and other legal entities, they can purchase their own carbon offsets to comply with the restriction on the amount of carbon dioxide they are allowed. Our lifestyle, our habits and the economy as a whole, have turned earth into a soon unlivable place.

So, what does THIS have anything to do with QR Codes?

As mentioned, carbon offsetting is popular in some Western cultures and the benefits of purchasing them is not regularly seen in other countries, especially in Asia. All this is about to change because Japan, being one of the most progressive countries in that part of the world, are digging their fingers in.

Suntory Japan announced that they will be running a campaign starting from July 21st onwards that will embrace carbon offsetting. Suntory will introduce 25,000 limited edition beer that comes with a QR Code printed on them. While this is nothing unusual for 2d barcode conscious Japan, the campaign is somewhat unprecedented – not on this scale, anyway.

Purchasers of the Barley Gold Beer can get access to imprinted QR Code and be led to a mobile website that gives visitors the opportunity to offset 100g of carbon dioxide in a single day. In Japan, they use something called the QUO card which works, essentially, like a prepaid cash cards or debit card, if you will.

When they use that, they get the chance to enter a lottery. Everyday, there will be a winner. What better way to encourage carbon offsetting than by offering LIMITED EDITION beer and a daily reward? Brilliant! Although we found it strange but the campaign will last from July 21st and will end forty-two days later. Odd number…why forty-two and not a whole month?

The Kyoto Protocol helped establish a system called the Clean Development Mechanism. For more information about this and other stuff about carbon offsetting, click here.

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