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Cape Grim Beefing Up Their Marketing With QR Codes


Although the Koreans and Japanese has been using QR Codes to let consumers know the origin and source of the food that they purchase in supermarkets and grocery stores for years, this must be a first for Australians. Cape Grim is a premium beef and sausage provider in the land down under and although Australians are slow in adopting the usage of smart phones, the marketing people behind the company deem that it is only a matter of time that they did. 

Reading the QR Code on Cape Grim’s beef and sausage products will tell consumers where it came from and also lead smart phone users to the Cape Grim mobile-enabled website. Users can also opt for more information about the company and other products made available by the company. 


The company holds strong to their ‘fresh beef’ concept and representatives think that this might strengthen their branding and concept more. The cows from which the meat and sausages came from is said to come from Greenham Cape Grim cows and they are all fed natural greens. 

People from the company said that more and more Australians have come to be aware of QR Codes and what they can do, all thanks to the rapid adoption of smart phones. They may not yet have scanned a QR Code at this point but as with everything that involves technology, things can change in a blink of an eye. 

Will the QR Code tell consumers which particular cow was used for the end product? No, I don’t think the information that they are providing with the QR Code goes THAT far. It would probably provide consumers with information about the place rearer of the beast and also information about the manufacturer. 

The company aims to apply the same QR Code concept to all their other lines of products including beef stocks, frozen products and pies. It is acknowledged that north Asian people has been using QR Codes for some time and now is the right time for Australians to ‘catch up’ too. In fact, with the speed of things, Australia is not only ‘catching up’ but has becoming one of the forefront runners when it comes to implementing and using QR Codes as a part of their marketing campaign. 

Australians are hungry for something better. They are asking for more, now that QR Codes are printed on product packaging. The company foresees that Australians will soon ask for discounts, prizes and interaction in the future. They see that QR Code can be spun into an incetivization program which promotes loyalty in the end. 



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