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Canopy Keepers Program, Trees With QR Codes


With the planet’s health heading south, many companies, individuals and authorities are already accelerating efforts to save it from further deterioration. One of the biggest contributors to the ill health of the planet is the technology industry; hence it is sort of touching to see people using technology to do their bit for the planet. And this is all happening in Washington DC where the District Department of Transportation’s Urban Forestry Administration department is rolling out a ‘adopt a tree’ exercise. The program is called the Canopy Keepers program.

It was reported that the administration had already planted nearly four thousand new trees in many urban areas in the city and residents are encouraged to scan a code on their smart phones to adopt the tree. Each tree planted under this pilot program has a QR Code on it which is scannable with a smart phone using a free and easily installed QR Code reader.

The four thousand trees are cared for by the proper authorities and they are being watered occasionally but the main plot of the program would be lost if they didn’t get the residents who adopted the tree to chip in too. You see, when they adopt the newly planted tree, they are encouraged to water the tree and be a part of the plant’s…well-being.

So, one might wonder if there are records being kept about the tree. The answer to that one is a yes. When smart phone users scan the code, it will open up a mobile-friendly page on the administration’s website where residents are asked to fill in a form so that they officially become a part of the Canopy Keepers program.

Although there are no direct incentive for residents to join the program, people are expecting quite a number of people to catch on. The Chief Forester at DDOT made it clear that the young trees need a lot of care and attention from the public. That is why adopters are encouraged to sign up for the community program, so that they can be a part of something that is of a larger scale instead of each person focusing merely on one adopted tree without caring about the motivation behind the program.

What do you think about the program? Do you think people are going get in on it?

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