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Canadian Restaurant Loyalty Programs QR Code Printed On Receipts


Want to encourage people to join a loyalty program? With QR Codes, life…and business is made simple.

Having a loyalty program is a sure-fire way to bring in supporters and build a steady stream of loyal customers. And of course, the biggest perk about it is that it isn’t expensive to set up and maintain a loyalty program. But how does all of this tie in with QR Code, you might be asking.

By 2011, we will be seeing more Vancouver restaurants printing out receipts and bills with QR Codes. We are pretty sure that the customers will get pretty curious about the code when they see it at the bottom of the documents. They are then encouraged to scan the QR Code to quickly become a member of the loyalty program to gain instant points or redemption.

Through research, it was found that restaurants can increase sale and loyalty by either printing out receipts and bills with a QR Code on it or give out stickers or cards. Restaurants who participate in this effort can expect at least 5% increase in sales.

On top of that, the QR Code can be saved into the smart phone’s system which means that the customer can log in and check points they have collected, promotions, check menu on a mobile-enabled website, and also interact directly with the restaurant’s management. These restaurants in Canada are looking forward to a closer relationship with the people who eat at their diners.

This gives the consumers a lot of control over how loyal they wish to be to the restaurant concerned. The code acts as a call-to-action which is something that most retailers are looking for. The program also gives the advertisers a lot of control over what they wish to offer to the members of their loyalty programs. For instance, they can offer any number of credit point or redemption money according to amount stated on the receipt.

Participating diners recognize the trend and are ready to jump into the program for its launch next year. If this takes off, we are sure that many other companies (apart from restaurants) will also jump onto the bandwagon.

QR Code is a not-very-new system that has been in use in Japan for countless years. In recent years, knowledge and usage of this system started seeping out into other parts of the world, like many parts of Europe, Asia and now America.

Smart phone users will need to download a QR Code reader in order to ‘scan’ the QR Code with the phone’s scanner.

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