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Canadian National Post Dips Into The QR Code Pie


As anticipated and wished-for, the number of people who have download QR Code scanning software into the phones in the United States have increased. So have the number of people who purchase web-enabled phones….like I always say, it’s only a matter of time. Anyway, the irony of it is that it was prompted by a Canadian daily. Yes, Canadian. The Canadian National Post has begun using 2d bar codes in their newspaper, creating a link to the cyberworld where hungry-for-info readers of their publication can find, download and devour other useful stuff that they might find of interest. For example, after reading an article in their newspaper, readers will find a small QR Code printed somewhere along with the article. If they’re on the go, scanning the QR Code with their mobile phone is all that they need to do.

What will they find when they scan the QR Code? Well, it could be anything and that’s the beauty of QR Codes but more likely than not, they’ll find links to videos, links to other sites and content that further elaborates and support the content printed in the paper.

Since this introduction is very new in the United States, the paper and the website www.nationalpost.com gives you very specific directions on how to get the software to scan the QR Code, how to install it and then use it. For those who are a little lost on this, let’s just imagine QR Code as a window that divides the real world and the online world – the key being your mobile phone. Once you scan the QR Code, you’re automatically led to a selected number of information related to what you’re interested in. Fascinating find, really.

It’s only a matter of time when the paper will step in to another form of print advertisement. Very soon, as this fad catches on (and it WILL!), advertisers can advertise their products or services supported by their online version. The people from behind Scanbuy, the aggressor of 2d barcode, say that they’re supporting hundreds of scans per day that originates from United States. This is encouraging, to say the least.

Scanbuy, on a side note, is extremely aggressive in promoting the use of QR Code. They’ve signed with Alltel and Sprint and look ready to sign on more. In fact, some people have been thinking of tattooing their very own QR Code. Hey, that’s not a bad idea but I am just wondering how many people are willing to do.

Anyway, it’s a fantastic thing to note that more Americans are actually going ahead and using the QR Codes. QR Code frenzy, here we come!

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