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Canadian Corn Field Features Large QR Code


Remember the 2002 movie Signs? It is a story about a priest discovering crop circles in his cornfield, which led the priest to believe that these circles are created by aliens.

It may be life imitating art, but a cornfield in Canada has an unusual feature: a QR code being cut into it. The Kraay Family Farm is well known in Alberta for their yearly efforts are cutting different designs into their cornfield. For this year, the family decided on a QR code. It was almost by serendipity. They were having a difficult time coming up with a design when Rachel Kraay saw a QR code and thought that it look like a maze.

The farm is the home of the Lacombe Corn Maze, yes, the gigantic QR code also serves as a maze that you have to solve as well.

Does the QR code work? The Kraay family claims that it does. Scanning the QR code from up high in the air would take you to the Kraay family’s Website where you could also learn more about the corn maze.

It was not an easy task too. Rachel Kraay said that the QR code initially did not scan right and it took time to figure out what was wrong. It turns out that the contrast was all wrong, so they dug up the paths again and thankfully the code worked.

The QR code is not only used for the corn maze’s designs. If you are going through the maze, and you are stuck or get lost, just look for the signs with QR codes and scan them, these will give you clues on the right direction to get out of the maze.

The Largest?

The QR codes corn maze may be the largest functioning QR code in the world. The Kraay Family has submitted the necessary documents to the Guinness World Records and they are waiting to see if they could get a world record for the QR code.

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