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Canada Restaurants Promote Transparency Via QR Codes


More and more people are trying to eat healthy and are becoming more conscious about the things they feed their families. With this, a lot of diners who eat at restaurants and food joints are already starting to wonder where their food comes from and how it was cooked.

This is why certain restaurants in Vancouver, Canada, are trying to reach and connect with their customers and to educate them about the food they are ordering. In short, these restaurants are promoting transparency.

How? These restaurants are using quick response codes on their menus to show diners more information about what they’re eating. The QR codes, when scanned using a smartphone, will take diners to a social media site called Foodtree. This site features food producers and food businesses. As consumers check out the food businesses’ profiles, they will also find relevant info regarding certain food products and food-related services.

Foodtree aims to establish transparency in the food and restaurant industry and also aims to show people the industry’s high standard of using fresh and top quality ingredients as well as humanely produced meat.

Restaurants in Vancouver, Canada, are beginning to adopt QR codes as a way to connect with customers. As people become more conscious about what they eat, they are beginning to wonder exactly where their food comes from. The restaurant industry has long held a standard of using fresh ingredients and humanely produced meat. Now, restaurateurs in Canada are looking to show their customers where their food comes from.

QR codes are starting to show up on menus from a variety of establishments. When these codes are scanned with a smart phone, customers are taken to Foodtree, a social media website that features businesses and food producers. The profiles found on the site are regularly updated, allowing users to find pertinent information regarding food products and services.

The site exists to establish transparency in an industry that revolves around the quality of food products. Currently, Foodtree is home to more than 10,000 profiles, 150 of which are created and owned by restaurants.

The food companies that are using these QR codes that link to Foodtree are Nicli Pizzeria, Bishop’s,Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company, and Campagnolo Roma.

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