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Can You Solve This Campaign – A Bid Against Educational Inequality


Sadly, in many parts of the world, education inequality remains to be a constant nagging problem and sometimes, even human rights organizations feel the helplessness. When it comes to human rights, people are often doubtful and overwhelmed at the same time. When people are in doubt (despite being willing to help out) and are overwhelmed, they step back and do nothing. 

QR Codes, however, might be the answer to bring more people to the fore. There is an activist organization called ‘Can You Solve This?’ which is doing just that. 

The organization is set to tickle the curiosity of smart phone users with a QR Code in their bid to raise awareness about the education inequality in Iran. The campaign was launched in Berlin last week and it is spreading like wild fire through t-shirts, stickers and many posters that were put up all across the European city. Those with smart phones and QR Code readers get curious.

Representatives from the organization also mentioned in their announcement that they need to make an impact with the campaign, to make the QR Code stand out so that it appeals to everyday people like us. The caption ‘Can You Solve This’ has a double meaning. One, it tries to get people to solve an apparent puzzle. Two, to solve the issue of education inequality in the country. The organizers are trying their utmost best to raise awareness about a problem that the country’s been facing for the longest time. 

When mobile users scan the code, they go to the link and see an image, then they get to decide whether they wish to continue by watching a video. The link also encourages people to send an official mail to the educational department in the country, U.N Secretary General, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and the German Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs. If the users wanted to, they can also share the link with their friends on online social networking sites or blog. 

It is interesting to note that not only is the QR Code campaign affecting those in Berlin and the country, it has spread to many other countries too…including the United States. 

The campaign is set to make some changes in the educational system that discriminates against the Baha’i community, who are often restricted in their wish to sit for exams and enrol for classes in colleges and universities. 

Do YOU think the QR Code campaign can make a change? 


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