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Can Twitter and Facebook Give Youtube a Challenge?


As we all know, online social networking sites are all talking about how to scramble for the most ad dollars that are being thrown out there on the internet. As a matter of fact, it was reported that advertisers in the United States alone, will be throwing more than four billion dollars on digital video ads alone. Yes, on videos alone. When it comes to advertising on videos, we are, of course, talking about Youtube.

Twitter and Facebook are great about the whole online social networking and sharing thing and we often hit Twitter and Facebook for video content. Twitter does not, at this point in time, house its own video content so, it is reliant on sites like Youtube to bring in the links. Facebook has its own video content hosting but the number of people who chooses to upload their videos onto Facebook compared to those who continue to place their trust on Youtube is astoundingly clear that people trust and prefer to use Youtube.

From the Grapevine, I heard that some developers are trying to give Youtube a challenge and they might want a piece of the ad dollar pie as well. This, amidst the news of the launch of Twitter Music is absolutely euphoria for tech followers.

Tech experts estimated that out of one person who chooses to upload his or her video content onto Facebook, there are eight others out there who prefer to exclusively use YouTube and then share it on Facebook and/or Twitter. These are large brand names that they asked, mind you.

But some contend that there is change in wind direction as far as online videos is concerned. Unbeknownst to some, Twitter launched their ‘watch video from within a tweet’ feature and the strategic partnership team have also started pinning down agreements with large content sites like ESPN, Turner Broadcasting and many other mainstream media.

In fact, the Twitter team is quickly signing up major brand names to implement their co-branded content which will help promote LIVE content, news, tips and promotions via tweets.

As an early adopter of Twitter, this news is a bit of a surprise because we are slowly seeing a departure from Twitter’s early idea of being a means of communication between friends and followers. However, times is changing and no one can blame either Twitter or Facebook for changing their early day ideals for advertising options. Money talks, after all.

Twitter is making all the right moves nowadays and as far as I can see, if Facebook wants a piece of that pie, it has got to get a move on.

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