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Can QR Codes Change The Way People Shop?


As it is, the internet changed the way people interacted with each other. Before you head out to the mall to get a baby chair, you email your friends to ask them what brand was best. Others log onto Facebook and post the question up on their statuses. Most of the time, consumers make purchases based on their friends’ recommendations and suggestions.  


The great thing about all of this is that companies and brand managers can do the very same and that is to engage consumers and potential consumers. If they are not already a loyal customer, imagine what you can do persuade individuals to hop on over to your brand if you engaged, interacted and answered their questions.


In the modern world that we live in, consumers are a demanding lot. They demand the best prices, top quality…and now, instant information and in-depth details to help them make better decisions. The more information you give, the more transparent they think you are, the more they trust you.


With something as simple as a QR Code, engaging them is affordable and incredibly effective.


For example, if a consumer was standing right in front of a whole shelf of products from different companies and if there was one (from you) that had a QR Code and ‘scan this to find out where we sourced our materials’ printed on the packaging, you are one step ahead of the other brands. If the consumer actually scanned the QR Code and gets the information, you are two steps ahead of your competitors. If the consumer loves the information that was provided and bought from you, you have won yourself a loyal customer.


With QR Codes, it is always a fight for interactivity with other brands. Sure, other brands and companies can do the same thing too and then the playing is leveled (it WILL happen) but if you had a headstart and is good at interacting with your consumers, chances of them hopping over to your competitors is slim. Show your consumers that it is not merely a ploy, that you care and want to stay connected to them.


The reason why we relentlessly maintain that QR Codes is the future of marketing is because, let’s look at this way, if consumers could stand in front of a product, scan a QR Code, asks a question and have it answered right away, do you not think that the technology is here to stay too?


So, yes. QR Codes changed consumerism in a BIG way.



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