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Camden Riversharks Opts For QR Codes Over Creation Of App


The Camden Sharks are into their 12th season in Professional Baseball and they are hitting it big with a pretty…well…a VERY impressive looking QR Code. So impressive that CNN and Money Magazine called it one of the 23 coolest QR Code ever. That is a great honor and the marketing manager for Riversharks acknowledged the fact and reported that there has already been more than five hundred scans to the QR Code.

The Riversharks aims at providing top of the line baseball products at their family-friendly Campbell’s field which is located at the waterfront. Beautiful scenery, great game…a wonderful combination, I would say.

The QR Code leads smart phone users to their mobile mircosite (its a good thing because I have written countless times about how marketing and advertising agencies are not making full use of QR Code’s potential when they point the Code to a normal website. Normal websites which are not adapted for a smart phone or tab’s smaller screens cannot be displayed properly when accessed on these mobile devices.

The ultimate goal for the website is obviously to sell more of the Riversharks’ games, coupons and promote games and the players. In a lot of ways, the campaign aims at bringing the star players closer to their fans. For those who wishes to check out the game schedules, the there is detailed one at both the mobile-friendly and normal website.

What is interesting is that the QR Coded microsite has a Click-to-Call function where sports fans can get the tickets right there. Unsurprisingly, the marketing team toyed with the idea of coming up with an app before deciding on a QR Code one. Considering the fact that it is far more expensive to come up with an app compared to customizing a QR Code, they went with the latter idea.

Representatives said that they could create a mobile website for 15% of what would have cost them if they had gone on with creating an app. Sure, they could have missed the boat to getting listed on Apple’s app store but I think being named one of the coolest customized QR Code by CNN and Money Magazine is just as amazing.

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