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There’s a huge buzz in promotional marketing and it revolves around 2 little letters, Q and R. Have you heard or seen the term QR code and wondered what it means? QR stands for Quick Response and these codes are an instant way to connect your customers, employees or prospects to your contact information, website, social media or even your events calendar…the possibilities are literally endless. Pick up a magazine, newspaper, invoice, retail circular and you’ll be hard pressed not to find one of these little codes. What do they look like? Picture a postage stamp with random squares, dots and lines. Those random squares, dots and line are not at all random, in fact they are the golden gateway to the information that you can deliver instantly to your target audience, with just a simple scan.

What is a simple scan?

When someone comes across a QR code in that appears to be of particular interest, a simple application on their smart-phone allows them to scan the code. In an instant, the information embedded within the code is right before their eyes. Products, promotions, specials, events, websites, fundraisers, menus, social media…the list goes on and on.

What does this mean for my promotional marketing initiatives?

A lot. Along with your logo or artwork, a QR code (or codes) can be printed on just about any promotional product with your custom information embedded and ready to scan. As if that weren’t enough QR code generating sites like www.beQRious.com are now offering tracking capabilities to measure the results of your QR campaign. What good is a campaign if there are no metrics involved?…beQRious completely solves the piece of that puzzle. If you are a buyer of promotional products, you are either promoting your business or event, thanking your customers, or recognizing employees. With QR codes you are providing your target audience with the information they need and want, instantly. Another advantage? These codes never expire, but the content and information that the code delivers can be changed to keep your audience engaged in new offers, messages or promotions…forever! 

Is there an example?

Sure. Recently we had a customer promoting an incentive-driven, health oriented fundraiser with lunch totes, water bottles and salad containers by printing a url on the lunch tote that pointed to their donation page they were able to drive traffic to the donation site, but with a QR Code the donation would have been an instant possibility simply with the use of a smartphone! Add the analytics of a company like www.beQRious.com and you’ve got the total package…for any program or campaign!  Maybe you are launching a company wide GREEN campaign? Print a QR code on a reusable water bottle that directs your audience to information on how to Go GREEN and distribute throughout the workplace. Sending a gift to a customer? Consider a desktop item and add a QR code that accesses your website! 

What does the use of QR codes say?

The use of QR codes is proof positive that your organization is forward thinking and innovative. Promotional products partnered with QR codes and analytics, shows your customers, employees or prospects that you are on the cutting edge of technology. Don’t wait any longer, incorporate QR codes into your promotional marketing mix for over the top results! Call Identity Gear at 888.IDEAS 4U today and let’s get started on getting your message to your audience, instantly.


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