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Bute Park Shares Rich History with QR Code


Bute Park in the city of Cardiff in UK was landscaped 140 years ago for the third Marquess of Bute. And because it is more than a century old, it has a very rich and interesting history. This history is something that the city wants to share with residents and tourists alike. And what better way to do it in this age of advanced technology than through QR codes?

As part of the Bute Park Restoration Project, small QR coded plaques have been put up at 10 different spots around the park. These codes, when scanned by people using their smartphones or tablets as they stroll around each point of interest, will take them to web-hosted content where they will know more about the park’s fascinating story. Much of this web-hosted content has never been previously accessible to the public.

Aside from being able to learn about the park’s history through the wealth of information they can access online, scanners will also know more about the park’s various features. What’s more, they will see old photos that show how a particular part of the park looked like many years ago or before it was developed or improved. They can also see old maps and drawings of the park.

According to Huw Thomas, councillor and cabinet member for sport, leisure and culture, the QR codes are their way of bringing the old and the modern worlds together. He says that through the codes, they can bring the history of Bute Park to life in a new way.

This is the first site-specific QR coded tour being offered by HistoryPoints, which is the online information project that has placed QR codes at over 500 tourist spots and places of interest around Wales.

The QR codes are provided by the Bute Park Restoration Project. The project is supported by a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

You can browse through the Bute Park web pages by going to http://www.historypoints.org/index.php?page=bute-park

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