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Business Websites: Four Things to Remember


If you run your own website for your business, it is easy to commit mistakes. Sometimes, we take things for granted. Most of the time, however, we neglect to observe and see what other people have done right or done wrong with their own sites.

There are mistakes that many business website owners and webmasters commit. Learn from them. Or better yet, take the shortcut and remember these four things that are often overlooked when it comes to running business websites:

1. Do away with typographical and grammar errors.

Make sure that you proofread your copy before finalizing it for use on your website. Better yet, get somebody else to scan your copy to see if there are any errors in grammar or spelling that you may have missed.

If writing is not your forte, hire somebody to do it for you.

2. Love the white space.

There are a lot of business websites that are crammed with too much graphics or text. Seeing white space almost always makes us uncomfortable and so we try to fill it up.

Remember that sometimes going minimalist might help you highlight what’s really important on a page. It can also help you present a cleaner layout and separate your content from your graphics.

3. Avoid having too many elements.

This is related to the smart use of white space discussed in #2. You should remember that what drives most people to visit your site is your content. It is not the graphics that you use, or the uber-impressive flash animation that you have. What’s more, having too many things on your page going at once can confuse your visitor and causes the site to load slowly.

4. Keep the search engines in mind.

You should always design your website to gain as much leverage as far as search engine optimization is concerned. Make sure that you use clean code, put up content that is keyword rich, and make it easy for people to share your content and your site. All of these relate to your SEO strategy and should be looked into from the very start.

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