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Budweiser Uses QR Codes to Help New Friends Connect on Facebook


Budweiser Brazil is helping people get connected a lot more easily than before. If you are in a bar, the last thing you would want to be lugging around are pieces of paper and a pen. However, what if you meet the girl or guy of your dreams and you want to call him or her the next day?

The beer maker’s Brazilian arm has come up with a solution to that dilemma by coming up with what it calls the “Buddy Cup.”

The Buddy Cup has a QR code at the bottom of the cup. Once you get your own cup, you can scan the QR code and link the code to your Facebook account.

The Buddy Cup also has near-field communication chips on it. This way, when you meet somebody at the party or bar, you can just toast your Buddy Cups and add each other on Facebook.

How do you know it is working? There are LED lights at the top of the cup that will light up when data is being transmitted.

The Buddy Cup system goes through a smartphone application. The custom mobile app will post a Facebook status update that announces to your other friends that you have a new friend. The custom mobile app also takes care of sending invites on Facebook.

The Buddy Cups are being tested at various concerts, festivals and similarly huge events in the country.

There are no plans yet to have the Buddy Cups at bars in the United States.

This is a great way to use mobile technologies to your advantage. The QR code is very convenient. You probably have your Facebook profile linked to your smartphone, so it would be easier to use your smartphone to scan the code. The mobile app will handle the backend workings, making sure that you are connected to your new friend, while the NFC makes it much easier (and more natural looking too!) to trade information. Of course, you could probably use this at different events too and direct the QR code to different social media. This would be very useful, for example, if you were attending a business related event. You could link your LinkedIn profile to the Buddy Cup, rather than your personal Facebook profile.

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