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Broward County Library Gives Away iPads When You Complete Their QR Coded Questionnaire

broward county library qr codes
Many businesses are putting up QR codes with their advertisements, flyers and other marketing materials. But getting their customers to scan it might be a little difficult.

So how do you encourage your customers to scan your QR code? Simple, tell them what they can get from scanning it and make sure that it is worth their while to get their smartphones and scan your QR codes.

Look at what the Broward County Library did for their QR code promotion. The Library came up with a QR Quest program that made use of QR codes. The contest involves a form with eight questions. Each question has a corresponding QR code, which provides help on how to answer the questions.

Is that fun enough? Maybe for some, but certainly not for the general public. So how about giving away prizes, including an iPad, Kindle, iPod Touch or iPod Shuffle? Those who are able to finish answering all the questions and submit the form by Sept. 15 will have the chance to win these prizes.

This is a nice way to drum up interest in the library. Catherine McElrath, a publication specialist at the library says that they have been using QR codes for years now. The codes allow people to download one of their 34,000 ebooks. McElrath adds that the current QR code promotion is aimed at making their digital services known to the public.

This is definitely not the first time that libraries have used QR codes. In an earlier article, we have reported on the efforts of the University of Texas Arlington Library to make it more convenient for their users to look up books and reserve study rooms. There has been a lot more libraries who have followed suit and used QR codes for their own purposes, but this is perhaps the first time that we have seen a library sponsor a QR code contest.

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