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Bringing QR Code Marketing To A Brand New Level


By now, more than half the world knows about QR Code as the world is hit by this phenomenal way of logging in, checking out, clicking on links, downloading and saving of information. How many people are using it? A growing number. I would like to take the time to explore some innovative ways that you can take your QR Code marketing campaigns to a whole new different level.

During events
Having a fun event is great but what we need is to get people to interact and find information right there and then. It would be best if, let’s assume that you are having an event to promote a brand new fragrance line, wouldn’t it be great if you could get people to buy merchandise related to it or have consumers buy an exclusive bottle of the fragrance right there on the spot as an alternative to purchasing it over the counter. This would be perfect for people who hates queues but loves the fragrance.

So, if you are already using QR Code to promote your products and services, remember to make it interactive and make it work to your advantage.

Link to demos
What I love about DIY products is that they are innovative and friendly to your budget. What I really hate about DIY products is the….well…the setting up and installing of the stuff that I just got off the store. What would be amazing if there was a video tutorial for every single little DIY product and you can easily find them on your mobile phone with a single scan.

THAT…would be a dream come true for many housewives, I believe.

Printed on the business card
In the world that we live in today, it is absolutely crucial for business owners to understand that if there is one thing that the general consumers can’t stand these days, it is waiting. Yes, we live in an impatient world.

So, let’s say you have just met up with a very important possible investor for your company and you hand him your card. Being the very busy (and IMPORTANT) person that he is, do you think he would be personally keying in your contact details into his phone? I don’t think so. Imagine if you could just get him to scan a QR Code and all your contact details is instantly loaded and saved into his phone. The chance of it being scanned is higher when you make it easier for the other person.

Do you have an interesting and innovative way to use QR Codes for business? If yes, please feel free to share it with us.

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