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Branding With QR Codes


While QR Code technology is only in its infant stage in the US, businesses and advertisers are quickly becoming more attuned to them appearing in advertisements, commercials and on print. As we get more accustomed to seeing them, we need to learn about how we can use QR Code technology to brand our products or services.

Here are a couple of ideas.

Make a QR Code coupon campaign. First of all, it is already rather cool to be one of the first few in on the QR Code tech in the country; secondly, you’re doing away with the need to print out physical coupons. No more printing, no more handing out, no more remembering to bring the coupon along when out shopping! Absolutely a win-win situation for all. QR Code coupons can also be easily placed on shelves or even the products.

Everyone loves to be in a contest. Consumers love competitions or contests but we know of people who don’t because they dislike filling up forms or are in a rush or can’t be bothered to queue up to submit the form. Make entering competitions or contests easy for them. All they need to do is to point their phone at the QR Code. It has been shown in some European countries that there is almost always a spike in the number of contests participants we make it easy for the consumers.

Online browsing. Head over to BeQRious’ free QR Code generator and create a QR Code with your website’s URL. Then print the QR Code out and display it on your shop’s window or door. Why? Let’s assume that you head out for lunch break or went out for a short break to deal with something urgent, at the very least, potential customers can continue to browse your shop via your website when they scan the QR Code! If they see something that they like in your website, there is a higher chance of them coming back later to get it.

Everyone loves extra facts. Stop your consumers from leaving for want of information! It is such a waste for your business when consumers walk away without buying because they are unsure about the product and there is no information available to them. Place a QR Code to online links that explains what the product can do and how it will benefit them. If you do not have special web page for that, link it to a wikipedia page or manufacturer’s web will do.

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